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Aliens can't walk

Posted: Wed, 17th Sep 2003, 5:02pm

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Can you make a plug-in with some aliens that walks? And some liens that attacks? I would love that! Please do it! biggrin

From: Tra proudctions
Posted: Wed, 17th Sep 2003, 5:36pm

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Again, I suggest you use a 3d program It would look more real.
Posted: Wed, 17th Sep 2003, 5:54pm

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From: Tra proudctions

/\ might want to check that /\
Posted: Thu, 18th Sep 2003, 1:28am

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TRA Productions
Posted: Thu, 18th Sep 2003, 5:17am

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i have chatted a bit with tra, and i have seen his movies, I can promise you he's not over 12 years of age.
So it seems a bit impossible for you to work at TRA Productions.