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Heel-Kickin' Funny

Posted: Tue, 30th Sep 2003, 12:03am

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We entered the “NYC Midnight Movie Making Madness” competition. Over 270 teams entered the contest. The contestants were then divided into 24 heats with about 11-12 teams in each heat. Each heat was then assigned a random Genre and Subject in which we had to make our movie. We were assigned the following:

Genre: “How-To” Video
Subject: How to be funny when you have no sense of humor.

In the first round of the competition you have two weeks to write, shoot, edit, and submit your movie. The judges then choose one winner from each of the 24 heats. The 24 top teams then go on to New York City to compete in a 24 hour competition.

We came soooo close – but - not close enough… we finished in 2nd place in our heat so unfortunately we did not win the $1,000 and get to compete in NYC…
(Heat 15 – Backyard Studio – 1st Runner-Up)

…next year!

More Info
Posted: Tue, 30th Sep 2003, 2:19am

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Congratulations, it was well executed under your circumstances. I can tell that you had fun making it too. Better luck next time I guess! 4 stars. Nice barbecue explosion!
Posted: Tue, 30th Sep 2003, 6:01am

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I guess there were certain things you needed to abide by, but I thought that went on far too long. And way too many cross fades. And There should have been more tripod shots. But I'd say, overall a very good job. I know it must have taken a lot out of you. Some stuff was funny, and other stuff was really annoying, like the look on the girls face. I didn't get that at all. But yeah, good job.
Posted: Tue, 30th Sep 2003, 4:00pm

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That was great. Well thought out Idea, effects were well used and it made me laugh. 5 from me

Posted: Wed, 1st Oct 2003, 5:08am

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Rating: -2

This is by far the worst video posted on the site! It's just not funny, ever!
No wonder you didn't win!
Posted: Wed, 1st Oct 2003, 9:17am

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Heh, I liked this one very much. The girl has a great face and it was put together very nicely. And I thought it was funny in places as well. smile

But I agree that it went on for too long. Still technically a pretty solid achievement!
Posted: Wed, 1st Oct 2003, 4:27pm

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hey great movie, i loved the effects of the different coloured background. Would u be able to tell me how u did that? thanks.

keep up the good work.
Posted: Mon, 6th Oct 2003, 9:34pm

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I understand that you were trying to be funny.....but no.....
Posted: Sun, 12th Oct 2003, 1:37pm

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Hahaha.. at first I thought.. what is this crap.. but after a while I found myself laughing for myself a lot..

The audio was in really bad sync, maybe it was my computers fault or something.. smile

Haha.. Her face in the beginning was kinda stupid, but from the part where she started to take up the stuff from the box it was getting cool.. i liked the part.. HAHA.. number 7 it's cool.. her face.. and then it's just Number 8.. haha..

But I agree, it was maybe a bit to long in some cases, and in the end of the numbers it got shorter and shorter..

Hahaha.. the water bucket was funny.. although the electric scene was a bit.. crude, or whatever.. hehe.. looks neat, but more like a scene from a horror film!! biggrin

I also liked the end with all the people.. really cool.. great setup.. But I actually couldn't tell if it was the little girl laughing or someone else.. it sounded kinda weird...

And too many crossfades in the end too biggrin
A little small text in the end, but I think I saw "no rubber chickens were hurt during the making of this movie".. biggrin

I give this one a 4, even if that doesn't help my own movie, Crackman, be sure to check it out... biggrin
Good luck in the future!
Posted: Fri, 17th Oct 2003, 2:21am

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The contest genre and subject were assigned and wasn’t something I would have picked so I was happy with the results we achieved. It’s one thing to make a comedy or add humor into your story but to write a story instructing someone on “how to be funny” is a lot more difficult than it seems. That’s why I thought I’d go with really cheezy jokes and try to make the entertaining part of the story the disastrous results of the humorless girl trying to act out the lame practical jokes…

The “sour” look on the girls face – My attempt here was to show that she was so humorless the she didn’t even know how to smile… well, at least that’s what I was going for.

The video went on for too long – The problem with having friends and family as your actors is that it’s hard to cut their scenes. One person I had to cut completely out of the video and I still haven’t shown him the video or told him that I had to cut him out… maybe I’ll make a “special edition directors cut” just for him!

Cross-fades – Some of the cross fades were to try and cut down the time. The cross fades at the end looked really lousy once they were compressed for the web. It doesn’t look nearly as bad when viewed on the TV in its original format but now I know - Less Fades!

Thanks for all the feedback (both positive and negative). I enjoy entering these contests to see what I can come up with under the pressure of time limits and guidelines and then be able to see the results of others and what they were able to produce under the same restraints – it’s a great learning experience. I’m entering another contest this weekend ( We are emailed a random genre and subject on Friday night. We then have Saturday and Sunday to write, shoot and edit the movie and have it time stamped and in the mail by Monday! This one is going to be tough but should be fun. I’m not sure if I’ll need AlamDV but if I do I’ll post the movie…
Posted: Fri, 17th Oct 2003, 6:55am

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Wow, that competition sounds really fun.. Too bad it's US only, good luck in it, and it would be cool to see if, if you make anything good.. smile
Posted: Mon, 20th Oct 2003, 12:24am

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I was bored through most of it. Decent alamdv effect use. The best effect you achieved was the no legs guy...that actually looked pretty good and i thought he had no legs till the crazy end thing.

Some bad editing, mainly when you see everyone in the kitchen. But at the same time, some great costumes and makeup then.

Posted: Tue, 21st Oct 2003, 3:33am

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You had good ideas, and you worked hard on editing and make-up, which is good!

Anyways, keep up the good work, you're on the good way!
Never stop making movies, I know it can just get better and better...

By the way, I personally don't like contests!
Posted: Thu, 30th Oct 2003, 2:56am

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That was a GREAT movie! You captured everything very well. I don't think other people's reasons against the movie were valid, I thought the movie was good, went by quick, and very funny.

Good job!