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Competition on fxhome.

Posted: Tue, 14th Oct 2003, 8:56am

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Just thinking out loud.

With so many good films out there made by you guys, I thought it might be a good idea to let fxhome host a competition. eg:

At the start of next month they run a competition for a month with a fairly simple question about the prize they will win, the prize will always be a DVD film that was made by an fx home member.
So to win 1 of 5 dvd copies of "Turrican" with out-takes and behind the scenes this month answer this question. " what was Sollthars first film called"

( Please forgive me using Sollthar, but I'm sure a few people would love to win a DVD of Turrican. )

Then two months later another competition, this time the DVD might have 3 films from another member.

???? what do you think ???

( If the chosen person has not got a DVD burning setup I would be happy to convert for them)
Posted: Tue, 14th Oct 2003, 9:35am

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Cool idea, allthough I hate those questions like "Who directed the new filmy by Steven Spielberg? - Steven Spielberg or some other guy?" crazy
Posted: Tue, 14th Oct 2003, 1:14pm

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good idea
although i would not win i would still give it a shot and try.
that would be fun, and escicaily if money was involved lol
i like money
hey if any of you know common wealth productions guess what
i am doing a movie with them so go check out their website it is cool
just click on "these games with ghosts".
i am wokring with Jason ball we might start filming in november it is going to be a big hit.
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peace out
Posted: Tue, 14th Oct 2003, 3:21pm

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R.U.N. would be my guess. (but then againg maybe you were just posing that as an example question, oh well, just in case)

Otherwise, sounds like a great idea.....everybody likes competition!
Posted: Tue, 14th Oct 2003, 6:30pm

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Thats a good idea b4uask. But csb-digital should have their own competion each, about 4 months, where people have to make films in say a week and the best one wins (Although theyll have to limit the software that people use).Or is there already something like that?
Posted: Tue, 21st Oct 2003, 2:08am

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Just wanna let you guys know that OZ Fest is closing Oct 31st thats not far away and most films on the fxhome cinema are elgible for this festival as one of the requirements is to have some use of alamdv effects.

Go here to find out more and submit your film but hurry not long left!