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Alam and Premiere Pro Problem

Posted: Wed, 22nd Oct 2003, 12:42pm

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All of my old and new clips created in Alam are showing up, when imported into Premiere Pro, with a black alpha channel somehow attached. This prevents the clips from being viewed in the timeline. When I did an Interpret Footage on the suspect clip in the Project window in Premiere Pro it did give me an option to ignore the alpha channel but that didn't work. The same option in After Effects does work and then I can use the clip. Any ideas why this alpha channel thing might be happening to my old and new clips created in Alam. I never had this problem before I upgraded from Premiere 6.5 to Premiere Pro.

Posted: Wed, 22nd Oct 2003, 12:47pm

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Simon K Jones

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I haven't used Premiere Pro, but the issue must lie there, if all your old clips (which previously worked fine?) are having this problem too.

Either Premiere Pro is reading the clips wrong, or there is a setting somewhere that is incorrect - Premiere Pro may have added a new 'function' that causes this problem as a side-effect, perhaps?

Check the Premiere Pro manual's compositing and alpha sections, see what it says. Hopefully some other Premiere Pro users will be able to help.
Posted: Wed, 22nd Oct 2003, 1:01pm

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Thanks Tarn. The manual is my next stop. Hopefully someone else is having this problem and can give some advice. Other than this issue, I really like Premiere Pro.
Posted: Mon, 3rd Nov 2003, 12:19am

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From what I recall Premiere Pro allows AVI w/Alpha (previous versions of Premiere didn't support such a feature.) Maybe AlamDV is writing a 32-bit AVI (or rather the Codec you're using), and when said file is opening in Premiere, it sees the fourth channel (Alpha) and is dealing with it as a Black Alpha.

Did you know that "TitleDeko" uses 'Black Alpha' for it's key. The Inscriber family uses plain Alpha, and if you want to key something from the Adobe
Titler/Photoshop you need to use 'White Alpha.'

Try putting the footage on track 2, and change the transparency setting to "None." That might do it.