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Product Praise

Posted: Thu, 23rd Oct 2003, 3:58am

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I thought that I would drop a line to let you know, and I am sure that you already do, that AlamDV is a very good piece of software. I was suprised to find it, and immediately purchased it. I am happy to say that it fit the bill on the production I am working on, and I look forward to using it for quite a while to come.

I was honestly amazed by the quality of most of the plugins and the ease with which they are incorporated into video projects.

A wonderful piece of software that I am glad I have in my video arsenal.
Thank much!
Posted: Thu, 23rd Oct 2003, 4:07am

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Welcome to the community!!
Happy ALAMERING... erm ALAMING...>cough< ALAMDVING... uh ALAMDV2ing?

Great to hear that you like it. I am not one of the CSB Crew, but it is still cool to see a new ALAMER rave about the product. Reminds me back when I first stumbled upon this software at

I have been part of this HUGE community since about day 10 of the go live of the 1st website. It has been quite a while since I remember seeing someone post about how impressed they were once they bought it and started using it.

I look forward to seeing your projects and having your input on the forum. Hopefully I won't have to delete to many of your posts wink

Your Friendly Head Mod Dude


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Posted: Thu, 23rd Oct 2003, 10:00am

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Simon K Jones

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Thanks for the kind comments, Illuminator.

Just wait till you see AlamDV3. wink
Posted: Fri, 24th Oct 2003, 1:16am

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Ooh boy oooooh boy I CAN'T WAIT!!
Posted: Fri, 24th Oct 2003, 3:15am

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I can honestly say that I eagerly look forward to version 3.

I don't know that I will be able to share much of my work, however the ease of use from this software will probably inspire me to create work that I can share (thus less sleep for me in the future - but then again who needs more than two hours a night).

I am still trying to get the hang of some aspects of the software, and plugins, but I can praise it enought for making what was once difficult effects easy.

Thanks again for the warm welcome.