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AlamDV2 2.0.3 RELEASED

Posted: Sat, 12th Jan 2002, 2:52pm

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Joshua Davies

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Hi People,

AlamDV2 v2.0.3 has been released with a host of bug fixes and extra functions listed below. Currently only the PC version is out but the Mac version will follow soon after.

1. Image Import Added.
2. Image Stream Import Added.
3. MicrosoftDV fottage can load through QuickTime.
4. QuickTime suffix lockouts removed.
5. AVI EXPORT FOR ALL CODECS providing the resolution of your movie is ok for the codec.
6. Export Script Errors Fixed.
7. Close Button -> Cancel Fixed.
8. Close Project Fixed.
9. Render Defaultly ON.
10. Render now clears on switch off.
11. Magnification Errors Fixed.
12. Lightsword/Multi-layer Problems Fixed.
13. Render Positions fixed.
14. General Script Faults.
15. Minor Save/Open Tweaks.

Have fun...

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