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Question about side or residual effects

Posted: Mon, 3rd Nov 2003, 9:28pm

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Just a quick question about side effects or residual effects. If there is a muzzle flash from a gun for instance, typically that will also light up close by surfaces such as the shooters face or a nearby wall. Does AlamDV and its plugins also handle this effect automatically? Or would you have to implement your special effect and the export to some other program to manually lighten/brighten the appropriate locations of the frame.

I couldn't find an answer in checking around the various resources.

Posted: Mon, 3rd Nov 2003, 9:29pm

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Joshua Davies

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You could do this to a degree with AlamDV2 but for virtual lighting like you're talking about DigiGrade would be a better bet.
Posted: Mon, 3rd Nov 2003, 9:32pm

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Isn't there an illumination plugin that works fairly well? Look around.
Posted: Mon, 3rd Nov 2003, 10:44pm

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i think digigradw ould definitly work best for that, but one method for muzzle flashes is to add a alamdv lightbulb over it, wich lights up the surrounding area a little bit.