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Mozilla, Linux, and problems with the drop down menus

Posted: Mon, 3rd Nov 2003, 11:31pm

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Hello Malone,

I have a problem with the fxHome website/forums. While I can navigate almost anywhere on here (due to the redundacy in your link setup, which is a very nice move) I can not click on/activate any link that is on a drop down list.

Example: At the top of the home page under AlamDV2 is listed "About, Interface Screenshots, Requirements" so on and so forth. While I can see them, I can't click on them. If I try to it acts like I just clicked on some part of the website that doesn't have a link (i.e. it does nothing, and the drop down menu dissappers...*sheesh* I really need to get my spell checker back on-line...)

I'm currently viewing the website on Linux and under Mozilla 1.5. When I get my win2k box back up and running, I'll try it under Win2k/Mozilla as well.
Posted: Thu, 13th Nov 2003, 10:06am

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The menus seem to cause numerous problems on different browsers, to the point where Im starting to wish we didn't use a pop-up system at all. I'm quite surprised it doesn't work for you on Mozilla tho. I use Mozilla as my main browser (on XP) so I always make sure the site works with Mozilla and IE. I know theres probably quite a few differences between the Linux and Windows version, but I would have expected the rendering to be very similar.

All my Linux machines run as headless servers and I don't have any experience with a desktop environment. This makes it hard to test things out. In the future I will try to get hold of a Knoppix cd with mozilla and konquerer (hopefully useful for making Safari work as well). Also, I think I will try to simplify the Javascript used.

If anyone comes across a website with a good menuing system that works on all browsers could you please post the url below, because Id love to see how it works
Posted: Thu, 13th Nov 2003, 10:16am

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works fine in every browser i have, also Safari and Konquneruqneurnor in MacOS.
Posted: Fri, 14th Nov 2003, 1:20am

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I updated my Linux system to Fedora Core-1, and enlarged the fonts in the preferences. This has solved my problems in being able to click on pop-up menus. I still haven't tried it on my Windows box (which I'm in the process of rebuilding right now) but at least I can access the menus now.

Thank you for your time and attention on this matter,