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Problem with the number of frame/sec when exporting

Posted: Wed, 5th Nov 2003, 9:42pm

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i am a french student and a new user of alam dv!
I have install the last version of alamdv.

When i export a video, i think i have a problem with the nomber of frame per second : animation are very slow, and it looks not 'in motion', i mean, when i put an explosion effect, it is good when i play in alam dv, but when i export, it is very slow and so it does not look real.

I wonder someone will find solutions for my problem because i really enjoy this software!!

think you
Posted: Wed, 5th Nov 2003, 10:08pm

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In fact, i have understand that when i import a movie or a still image, alam dv doesn't ask me the numer of frame/sec that i want. It doesn't display the dialog box!! So when i click on movie data, alam dv fix a number of frame rate of 1 frame/sec !!

So i must save the scene, open it in word, find the line framerate and replace the number with 25. I save and re-open the scene in alam dv, and it works perfect.

but it is not very pleasant to do this everytime, does anyone have a solution to make alam dv display the dialog box about the frame rate when i import something?

i have see too that when i put alam dv in french, it is not possible to put a "in" and "out" point for the video. The menu is in "grey" and so, it is not possible to click! I use so the english version which work well.

Think you!