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Reservoir Kats

Posted: Thu, 6th Nov 2003, 10:50am

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This is our first proper film. We bought our first video camera in the summer and made this for a laugh. Neither of us knows anything about film making, so be gentle with us!

The film is basically a spoof on Dempsey and Makepeace (if you're old enough to remember that!). Two good guys, a bad guy, lots of running around and a fight at the end where we kill the bad guy.

Hope at least some of you like it.

Remember, no real actors were used! just me and my girlfriend Sam. Also, we are the only two working on this. We did the whole thing by ourselves.

The file is quite large (46Mb), 'cos we're still trying to sort out our codecs (We're new to all this). But it's worth downloading if you like looking at gorgeous girls.

NoClue and Slayer

PS - Remember to vote, don't just post biggrin

More Info
Posted: Thu, 6th Nov 2003, 11:53pm

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Rating: +1

Not the greatest piece of moviemaking that I’ve ever seen but for some strange reason I couldn’t stop watching! I don’t know why but I watched every second …from the “non-THX” intro, the pointless 3 minutes and 15 seconds of driving in the car, the credits & bloopers, and even the 45 seconds of black at the end…

Some scenes were a lot longer that they needed to be. The camera work, well, there were only two of you making the entire movie so I guess that can slide. It may have been the compression but some of the effects, especially the light sabers didn’t look quite right.

I think part of the appeal of this movie is that it looked like the two of you had a lot of fun making it and I enjoyed your sense of humor. The whole “changing outfits” gag you had going and the reading the book scene I thought were great.

Dempsey and Makepeace? Must have been a British show ‘cus I’m old enough to remember but I’ve never heard of it. As well as a “cuppa”… is that tea? Never heard that phrase as well but I’m gonna go make myself a cuppa’ coffee and watch your movie one more time before I vote on it… I liked the move but still can’t figure out why…
Posted: Fri, 7th Nov 2003, 12:55am

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Thx ZukoVega. Yeah some bits were a bit long (like the car bit), but your comments are exactly what we need. Like we said in the bio, we only just started and neither of us know anything about film making. Glad you got the clothes gag.

Yes, "a Cuppa" is a Cup of Tea........ Milk and 2 sugars please! biggrin

Nice to see someone actually read the credits.

Any other pointers and constructive comments are always welcome.

NoClue and Slayer
Posted: Fri, 7th Nov 2003, 2:30am

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That was just plain fun. That is what movies are supposed to be about. Right?

I enjoyed it quite a lot. I will, however, agree with SukoVega regarding the car scene - a bit long.

I enjoyed the quirky camera angles and the over-the-top acting. I especially enjoyed the cat coming out of the door first. The out-takes were interesting as well. You can tell that you both enjoyed putting this together.

I would suggest on thing. Work on the audio a bit. There are places where it is difficult to hear either of the actors.

Great job.
Posted: Fri, 7th Nov 2003, 8:50am

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Rating: +1

A great short film for your first time!
I like your ideas, and the ways in which you executed them.
The tongue-in-cheek style of this made it so much more enjoyable, as it showed that you were enjoying yourselves making it. Another good thing was that it wasn't trying to be anything it wasn't - a mistake alot of people make.

I would be proud to have this as my first film, I think you did tremendously well - and for that I'm gonna give you 5 stars.

All the best,
Neil / Pred
Posted: Fri, 7th Nov 2003, 10:43am

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Simon K Jones

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I've spoken to you both in the chatroom about this. Jolly good fun, only spoilt a little bit by the editing, which could do with being a lot tighter.

I want to see a director's cut with it all trimmed to the bone. smile

Looking forward to your next....
Posted: Fri, 7th Nov 2003, 12:30pm

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Just want to say a big thank you to all of you. Both Slayer and myself are surprised at the positive reaction to our first film, as we really don't know what we're doing. biggrin

All your comments have been positive and are really useful to us. We'll take them on board for our next project.

Now go and tell all your freinds to download our movie hugegrin

NoClue & Slayer
Posted: Fri, 7th Nov 2003, 1:05pm

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Great! 5 stars from me. As others have said, some scenes were a bit too long but that did not detract from an otherwise brilliant film. Brilliant, why? Well, it was fun and entertaining and has been said before thats what its all about, isn't it?

Loved the credits, outtakes were funny too. Fancy collaborating on me and my Girlfriends next film?


Posted: Fri, 7th Nov 2003, 8:53pm

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Nice one bro. Loved it. Have sent the link to as many people as I could. Look forward to your next film. It would obviously be much better with more people involved.
Posted: Sat, 8th Nov 2003, 3:25pm

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Oh yeah!
Both of you had some really funny parts. The girl drinking a soda while the guy demos his sabre, and where the guy can stop bullets but gets hit with the gun. Loved it!!!
Posted: Sun, 9th Nov 2003, 3:33pm

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biggrin I liked it....again someone has picked up on this, but I too also think the car scene was way too drawn out, but again, if it is one of your first pieces its all about experimenting and seeing what does and doesnt work, but overal it kept me entertained, and I actually laughed out loud at some points. It looked like you had a good laugh making it....if you need someone to help out on your next project.....well, am a cameraman, editor and wouldnt mind helping out and give you some input. (you can check out my work in the cinema acrchives I guess. Catching Siren is one of my films)
P.S Her bum didn't look big in that!!!
Posted: Mon, 10th Nov 2003, 10:59am

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hey, whats going on? we were no 6 yesterday, now we're not even in the top 10! Any ideas anybody?

Posted: Mon, 10th Nov 2003, 4:29pm

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The charts are calculated at the end of each day and only live movies are included. It looks like you edited your movie description yesterday which puts the movie into a pending state. Therefore it didnt get included into todays charts.

Don't worry tho, as long as its still live at the end of the day it'll go back into the charts, probably at around #6 again
Posted: Mon, 10th Nov 2003, 4:42pm

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Cool. Thnx Malone hugegrin
Posted: Fri, 14th Nov 2003, 10:43pm

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Rating: -2

I don't care who it is, but somebody owes me 24 minutes...
Posted: Fri, 14th Nov 2003, 11:47pm

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To Outlaw621,

Well thanks for the positive feedback. You have obviously read "How To Make Friends And Influence People"....................Not

I could go on to say something about Sol, but I don't think I'll bother.
Posted: Wed, 3rd Dec 2003, 9:07am

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Hey I was the designer of the Transporter Effect that you used for the opening and I really thank you guys did an aweosme JOB.. Applause to you. Very Impressed.. smile
Posted: Mon, 5th Jan 2004, 5:46pm

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Outlaw why you flaming this guy? He's worked hard and produced an entertaining film - and even if you weren't entertained, WHO THE F*CK CARES?! Stop bitchin!
Posted: Fri, 9th Jan 2004, 1:06pm

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For someone who admits to not having a clue this was a "Fudging" good first film..

most importantly. It has a plot.. I.E. not just two guys banging sticks together and calling it a trailer.

but running alongside, you seem to have a good apreciation of what makes a good shot. despite the long winded car scene (Which has been discussed previously) I guess that comes from watching a lot of films !

Your composition (shot wise, not fx comps wise) was generally good. you seem to be aware of the "rule of thirds" either sunconciously or not. The editing was pretty good throughout and the humour was just up my street.

There was other mentions in this thread of a "directors cut".. dont do it... as Ben Burtt says on the "TPM" DVD, films are not released, they escape...leave this one as it is and move on to new projects.
Posted: Wed, 14th Jan 2004, 11:59pm

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Good stuff first:

Your film had a lot of potential, and plenty of good jokes. Those were cool guns too.

I will say that the terminator throwing his gun and hitting you in the forehead was hilarious. - I actually slapped my knees. I've never done that before when laughing. Moving on.

The idea that there were two of you was kinda cool.

OK, now not so good stuff with potential:

You had good jokes, but they weren't pulled off well enough to be as funny as they could have been.

Solution for this:

Tighter editing for the scenes would dramatically increase their quality. For example, everytime the terminator does something, your character should follow him only for a fraction of the time cause we already get where he's going the first time. Watch any maintstream film with a chase sequence for an example of this.

This film should have been half of the length it was. The content was not entertaining enough to fill 24 minutes and 30 seconds. Tons of which were the credits - which went on forever. Yea, I realize it was to host the many outtakes you have, but even those needed to have tighter editing.

As far as plot goes - there was almost none - which is excuseable because it's a spoofy comedy-type thing. There were too many things that didn't belong anyway though, such as the car scene for example. Much of the tail-ends of shots where no one is on screen for a couple of seconds, lead me to believe that I should pay attention to something on screen - but upon further examination there's nothing there to attend to.

Why did you show that car scene for like 10 minutes of the film (and I exaggerate, but it felt THAT long)? It was kinda like a music video, but...nothing happened so it wasn't.

You can only run all over the place for so long before it becomes...well...running all over the place. I suggest cutting the chase scene down incredibly. Get rid of almost everything in that scene except the cool stuff, and you know what I'm talking about.

Upon further examination, cut the entire driving scene. It felt like...a play where someone screws up a line and they go off on a tangent trying to make up for the screw-up but the difference was you could have done that in post! This happened during the final cut of the movie! I hope that makes sense.

Also, whoever was holding the mic, next time let them know not to move it around. I know how frustrating it is to get in the editing room and hear nothing but - mpmmmpppfhhhhmmpphhmm - the sound of the microphone rubbing up against god-knows-what. That happened numerous times to me in Fallen Angel. I had to V.O. an entire scene because do you guys say...."sodded it up." - gad I love that's funny but useful at the same time. - you see what I did there, I pulled a driving scene in my post. I'll leave it, so you know what I mean.

I'm not complaining. Your film was free to watch, and free to make. Just giving you helpful hints that I tend to follow myself. You're well aware that it's up to you to agree or disagree with my suggestions.

Ok, fix those things and you have a funny little spoofy comedy there. But don't REALLY fix em...just make another movie. A better one, and remember those things when you do. Fin.

Posted: Sun, 25th Jan 2004, 3:02pm

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Funny and entertaining.

I thought the comedy timing was spot on! smile

Only thing I didn’t like was the overlong car scene, as mentioned earlier.
Posted: Sun, 22nd Feb 2004, 11:06pm

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Solid Snake

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haha, that was great fun to watch
predictable, but it is a spoof, the scene where the terminator throws the gun at the other dude was HILARIOUS like mentioned earlier
and the silliness of the gal reading the book as the terminator does a matrix impression.

looking forward to more hilarious work from you
Posted: Wed, 12th Oct 2005, 12:37am

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I liked this show. Oh yeah, I forgot, I really liked the part when the gun hit your face. That was funny!
Posted: Mon, 28th May 2007, 10:16am

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Very funny, but it could be better. It looked more like a Terminator-spoof to me. Anyway, funny!
Posted: Wed, 24th Sep 2008, 7:33pm

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very cool.
Posted: Sun, 28th Sep 2008, 1:17pm

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I liked it! What's not to like? Funny, a cute girl and motorhead! biggrin

I really got a kick out you cleaning the guns with Pledge furniture polish.

It looks like you 2 had fun making it. I'd actually like to see more. smile