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Microsoft DV Codec Problem

Posted: Fri, 7th Nov 2003, 10:54am

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I've tryed the MainConcept & Matrox DV Codecs and YES, the blue square is gone cool) But now, I've many other colored squares shuffled instead of the movie!!! So what to do now???[/b]
Posted: Fri, 7th Nov 2003, 5:04pm

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Sheesh, I've tried Divx codec, and microsoft codec, and mine wont even let mine import into alamdv2. Can someone help us out?
Posted: Sun, 9th Nov 2003, 7:02pm

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1) What program you using to export your footage from?
2) By my understanding the footage is fine before it gets exported?
3) Do you get any errors about the video after the exporting is complete?

Some Solutions

First of all I think we all need some more detials to properly help you out

1) Try re-installing your editing software
2) Try different exporting settings
3) Check for updates for your software

What I always try to do i keep my video in always the best quality... avi format. Sometime I export out of premiere with the Microsoft DV AVI codec, its faster and still keeps it pretty good quality and you are able to bring it into AlamDV and other video applications that support DV to do further editing/effects. By re-installing it may fix that Microsoft DV-AVI Codec. Also what kind of machine do you have? If your computer doesn't have a decent video card, Pentium, RAM it may cause some problems.

Try re-installing the Matrox DV Codec...go here

Further Codec Options
Posted: Mon, 10th Nov 2003, 2:11pm

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Hi again!

I'm capturing the video using the Pinnacle DV/Clip Firewire Card with the bundled QuickStudio software. After capturing, everything is fine inside my editing appilications. I've also tryed to capture the DV with Vegas but importing it to AlamDV doesn't work. I got the same result if I reinstall the DV codecs. The only solution I currently found is to export the video into an imagestream which can be import├ęd by AlamDV or to convert it.


P.S.: I'm using a IntelPentium4 2,54Ghz (533Mhz FSB) with 1GB RAM anda Matrox 450DH graphic card.