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Missed again

Posted: Wed, 12th Nov 2003, 7:29pm

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OK, so you missed the first release date, but then you have everything labeled "Coming late 2003", would I be a winner if I bet on "2004"? ALAMDV is a great product but without great effects to plug into it, of what use is it? Maybe you should put some time into making FXs and thereby increasing the functionallity of ALAMDV2 which is alone and at the top of its catagorie of affordable FX compositor. I see ALAMDV mentioned occasionally in several of the serious forums dedicated to NLE's, the professionals are starting to take notice and understand that it does not have to cost a thousand pounds to be a good piece of software. Do your work and deliver a great product and grow outside the amature ranks, that is where the money is.
Posted: Wed, 12th Nov 2003, 7:43pm

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Sorry, I didn't really understand that post sad

Erm.. the only thing I have to say is. The new products are arriving soon! Lets just sit smug and look forward to alamdv3 smile
Posted: Wed, 12th Nov 2003, 9:05pm

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i think he was saying you need to work on the effects the most, cuz if the effects arnt that good whats the point of a flashy new design
Posted: Wed, 12th Nov 2003, 9:55pm

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Well, if he wants effects, thats not CSB's problem, alam users make plugins, the CSB dudes have devoted their mind and soul to making these programs as functional and revolutionary as they can possibly be. So dont come down on them like that. If you want effects so bad, then make some plugins! geeze. neutral
Posted: Thu, 13th Nov 2003, 12:47am

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There are over 1000 effects for AlamDV2. Certainly they are of varying quality - that's what comes of allowing users to showcase their own plugin-making skills. Inevitably some will be masters, and some will still be learning.

However, the core CSB effects (lightsaber, electricity, lightning, explosions, muzzle flashes, light effects etc) are all present and correct and of good quality. Add to that lots of very good user-made plugins. Seems like fairly good value.

AlamDV3 will increase the quality a lot. The progression from AlamDV2 to AlamDV3 is far greater than the shift from AlamDV1 to AlamDV2.

We learnt our lesson regarding release dates earlier in the year.

Chromanator. Coming late 2003.