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need reviews - message for schwar

Posted: Thu, 13th Nov 2003, 12:51pm

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ThE Big ChiPowSki

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Dear Schwar, Tarn, and others.
Tis chipowski here. I was wondering if any official net / magazine types reviewed my performance in the original chipowski flick? tard I have to send off a short bio to a cast directory and a few short lines like 'nice acting' from any of these sorts would do good to beef it up. oink Alternatively, is there anyone who runs an official site / company / magazine out there that would do it for me? They can be as complimentary as they like. biggrin biggrin Just a few short lines would do. Keep working hard you crazy cats and I look forward to seeing you soon.

Posted: Fri, 14th Nov 2003, 3:18pm

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Hey, Chipowski..

You might get a quicker reply from schwar if you PM him. That way he'll get the message directly.