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Incorrect profile info

Posted: Sat, 15th Nov 2003, 2:36am

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In my profile my birthdate is incorrect but it will not allow me to fix it. I went into the edit screen and changed it but it just went back to what it was before. WHY?
Posted: Sat, 15th Nov 2003, 2:40am

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Hmmm interesting. Well I noticed when updating my avatar it doesn't change. I always have to go "tools" than "internet options" and clear my history, files and cookies. Than when I come back I am able to see the changes and it works. Try that...
Posted: Sat, 15th Nov 2003, 8:11am

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Also, it could be that the birthdate entry is in DAY/MONTH/YEAR format, not MONTH/DAY/YEAR like it is in the US. Try switching your month and day.
Posted: Sat, 15th Nov 2003, 1:26pm

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What date are you actually trying to set it to?

I think the avatar thing is something different. Its just caused by the images being cached. I think I've sorted it now by generating a unique filename each time a new avatar is uploaded.
Posted: Sat, 15th Nov 2003, 4:25pm

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you just have to hit refresh to see your other avatar.