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AlamDV2 2.0.4 Mac and PC RELEASED

Posted: Tue, 15th Jan 2002, 3:59pm

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Joshua Davies

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AlamDV2 v2.0.4 has now been released for Macintosh (System 9.X) and PC (Windows 98 onwards).

NOTE : Version 2.0.3 was NOT released for the Macintosh.

In the couple of days since v2.0.3 we have made quite a few changes - highlights below:

1. Mac Loading Problems fixed.
2. Macintosh Memory Leak Fixed.
3. Plugin Install up to 250% faster.
4. Tool tips support added and many buttons now show tool tips.
5. Modify Menu now works with different options depending which timeline you are in.
6. RETURN now applies the effect and if pressed again moves back to the animation timeline.
7. Single Plugin Install works - press the space bar while launching AlamDV2.
8. Refresh Plugins now works better - press backspace while launching AlamDV2.
9. The Attributes window now has a title.
10. New Links to effects section of the web site added.
11. Warning displayed after changing AlamDV2 preferences.
12. Link to the temp QuickStart Tutorial Added.
13. Mac version now has Image and Image Stream Support.
14. Menu item added to show the effect path - same as pressing the top left key under the ESC (what key is that?) on the PC or tilde on the Mac. (might be a bit unpredictable)
15. MacOS X Icons added for people running AlamDV2 MacOSX - AlamDV2 is not MacOSX Native yet.
16. 2.0.4 Has been tested under MacOSX Classic mode and appears to function exactly as it does under MacOS 9.2.2

We look forward to you suggestions and if you find any bugs then please let us know on the forum.

We still have lots to add before version 2.1 - the CD release version.



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