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New suggestion to Add to FXhome

do you think we should add a sound effects section to fxhome

yes36%[ 5 ]
no64%[ 9 ]

Total Votes : 14

Posted: Sun, 16th Nov 2003, 1:42am

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hey guys i came up with a cool idea, i think fxhome should mabey make a section for sounds, so people can submit sound effects. it is just an idea
but i would like to here what people think of this idea. this would be helpfull to all film makers and would be very convenient to find, it would be nice to have a section also where people can submit thier sound effects. or give people suggestions on good songs to use in movie.
i dont know if you guys will like this idea, but i was just thinking so it would be nice for all of use.
i hope you take this into consideration
peace out
Posted: Sun, 16th Nov 2003, 1:59am

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I think when you see how accessible they are on the internet, it would not be worth the bandwidth and server space they take up...Especially when they are so easy to find on the net...Just a thought..
Posted: Sun, 16th Nov 2003, 2:03am

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why dont we have a topic where we can link to sound fx, instead of wasting fxhome's bandwidth?
Posted: Sun, 16th Nov 2003, 5:34am

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Or, better yet perhaps a forum? or a subforum? I dont know, but definately not a thing where you upload them. Just the links.
Posted: Sun, 16th Nov 2003, 5:51am

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I remember a discussion on this about 2 years ago. There were some sounds on the ftp server if I remember correctly, and maybe even a page linking to them? Kinda disappeared over time.
Posted: Sun, 16th Nov 2003, 10:53am

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Yes, at one point we did have a sound effects page with a handful of gun shots and other random sounds. It was very confusing and misleading for new visitors because none of our apps actually deal with sound effects. We got a continuous stream of "How do I use these sounds in AlamDV?" questions.

If you need sound effects theres already a large number of well stocked sites (see flips links). I think it would take a long time before we could build up a library as large as some of those sites.

If we made a sound editing app I think it would be much more likely that we'd have a sounds download page. It might be something we explore in the future but we have no plans at this time.
Posted: Sun, 16th Nov 2003, 7:20pm

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hey thanks guys for your input i was just seeing if it was a good idea, but i guess not.
thank you agian
peace out