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AlamDV2 won't work for me with Vegas-avis

Posted: Thu, 20th Nov 2003, 7:41pm

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I downloaded & installed AlamDV2 demo.
Tried to start project with an avi movie (which was created in Vegas)-- message said I needed a different codec.
Downloaded and installed the Matrox codec.
Started AlamDV2 again -- the imported movie displays as a beautifully colored bunch of random pixels.

I assume I have to re-render my avi clips through Vegas, using the Matrox codec. But Vegas doesn't seem to have any provision for selecting the codec you want to use (except for selecting "ignore 3rd party codecs", which I turned off.)

I noticed elsewhere on this focum that the DV3 release will support the codec that Vegas uses. AlamDV sounds like fun -- it's no good to me right now, but I'll be back to check it out again when the DV3 version is released!!
Posted: Thu, 20th Nov 2003, 8:56pm

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Two things:

1. you can use Alam and Vegas together now. Just select the clip you want to apply effects to and render in Vegas to uncompressed avi. It will then import into Alam just fine. Uncompressed has huge file sizes but if you only import the clips that will have effects added (which is better anyway) it is manageable.

2. To use a third party codec in vegas. Select render as - avi (uncompressed), then click on the button labeled "custom", select the video tab (i believe) there should be a drop down menu that will let you choose the codec that you want.