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Bullets hitting wood objects

Posted: Fri, 21st Nov 2003, 3:41pm

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Is it possible for someone to create a plugin that simulates the effect of bullets hitting wood objects. For example, when a bullet hits a tree or a wooden crate, you see wooden chips and splinters flying all over the place. Could someone make something like that?
Posted: Sat, 22nd Nov 2003, 12:06am

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That might be helpful.
Posted: Sat, 22nd Nov 2003, 12:38am

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I would suggest (this is if you only have alamdv2 at your disposal)
then, put the sparks in the layer under the dust, so that the dust sort of covers up the sparks. That should work from a fair distance but probably not too close up. An alternative would be to use a program that uses particals, like 3DS MAX, partical allusion (Maybe particalusion.. i cant remember) or AE (though the partical generator in ae kinda sucks).

Posted: Sat, 22nd Nov 2003, 12:39am

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there have been several requests for something like this, but most think that it would be too hard to match up the grainn of the wood.
Posted: Wed, 17th Dec 2003, 2:05pm

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I've just uploaded an ideal wood bullet hit plugin for review.
It should be in the plugins section tommorow...

(20 Hours later...)