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Deleted Plugins cause Error

Posted: Mon, 24th Nov 2003, 2:51am

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I wanted to clean up my plugins a bit, so I got rid of the unnecissary ones by going in the "plugins folder" and deleting their folders. Unfortunatley, when I try to launch Alamdv2, it says "Your plugins have changed. You've deleted 2 plugins." The two options I'm left with are "quit" and "install." I hit install, but then another window pops up saying: "Property list expected for handler. #getprop script error. continue?" If I hit yes, it freezes up on me. What should I do to fix this problem, thanks!

Posted: Mon, 24th Nov 2003, 5:05am

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Every time you change your plugins (putting more in or taking some out) you have to run the plugin loader.
Posted: Sat, 6th Dec 2003, 11:47am

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i have the same problem, what is the plugin loader?