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help to get started

Posted: Tue, 25th Nov 2003, 4:11am

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I just want to know the first step how to export my scene from finalcutpro3
to quicktime to alamdv2 then back to finalcutpro right? i just want to add
some gun flashes to my scene. i,m using a mac.
Posted: Tue, 25th Nov 2003, 4:32am

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You have to export your film from Final Cut 3. I forget what the command is under - on a PC its usually file -> then export.

Search around the commands at the top to export the film.

Once you have done this, open ALAMDV. Under a new project - click on import - you must browse through the folders and find your footage and click on import. It is now in ALAMDV. Add which ever effects you like. When your finnished, save the file (save during as well in case computer crashes) and then export the movie again. File - export.

Back in the FCP3. Import that movie file and your back where you started but with the ALAM effects added

Posted: Tue, 25th Nov 2003, 5:16am

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First you must set your in and out points. Assuming you know how to do that, then you need to go to the menu bar and go to File>Export>Quicktime Movie...

And then select (or customize) the settings you wish. Then in AlamDV2, start a new project and place that file you just exported as a "Movie". That is the default selection when you select "New Project" in the AlamDV2 File menu... When you finish adding your effects, export the new clip.

Then in FCP3, hit Command+I and select your new AlamDV2 file. Place in the timeline and render... smile