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The Spirit of the Hunt

Posted: Mon, 1st Dec 2003, 1:25pm

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ThE Big ChiPowSki

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Charlie 'Bud Chipowski' Vincent makes his directorial debut with 'The Spirit of the Hunt', a surreal adventure that delves into the heart of the English countryside.

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Posted: Mon, 1st Dec 2003, 4:36pm

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This is an amusing, perverse, well-written film, which i can only really find fault in for one thing: the pace.

The opening lines are delivered ok, but not brilliantly. The result of these lines, and others, is that the squeemish awkwardness which is so brilliantly exhibited in things like Alan Partridge, is mixed with embarrassment for the actors themselves (not the characters), as it feels like they got something wrong.

Like a poorly constructed sentence, whilst charlie's lines are delivered well, his co-star's (john vincent, his brother) are less so; this results in that leaning forward thing that people do waiting for a punchline or concluding inflection that never arrives.

Obviously the characters are meant to be spooky and weird, very weird, but John's alien monotone has the impression of being just poor acting, which unfortunately juxtaposes charlies emotive blandness (oxymoron?) which works far better.

An example of pace-loss is after Rufus leaves to get petrol. Rupert closes the bonnet, and the camera dwells on him doing so. I'm unsure why, as nothing spectacular or out of the ordinary happened. I'm sure there was meant to be something amazing there, otherwise the shot would be unnecessary, but whatever it is is missing.

Anyway, apart from the bad - which unfortunately i've made into the bulk of this post - i'd say the rest is brilliant. Cool camera work, esp the "lurking, wary animal" feeling

Knowing the director and editor, i feel slightly reluctant to criticise what is otherwise a highly entertaining film, but i'm sure my ideas must be worth something. At least the monitor they are displayed on razz
Posted: Mon, 1st Dec 2003, 11:03pm

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Fricken weird movie, but awesome! I wanted to know more about the charecters though, what they were, where they were from, stuff like that. It was also a little slow at times, but other then that i loved it.
Posted: Tue, 2nd Dec 2003, 12:13am

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Fan-freaking-tastic! This is one of the best movies I've seen on here in a while, and I mean that. I for one, feel that the pace was perfect for the film. Some beautiful shots, great sound design, great acting, and a great, if a little odd, story. For a directorial debut, you've done quite well, charlie. I look forward to seeing more someday.
Posted: Tue, 2nd Dec 2003, 3:45am

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Not quite sure what to say.... Not that I would expect less but this was damn good stuff. There a few weak points but those are out shined by the good points. First off I really think the story is pretty solid. I dont think the viewers needed to know any more than they did.

The story and style was off beat which was really refreshing. I think the matter of fact tones that the brothers used fit well. It left me unsetteled throughout.

The ending was great! It tied all the weirdness into context. And what better context than to suck the life force(?) from someone! twisted
The duo's behavior was justified once we understood what was happening. To Rufus and Rupert they were just going to a sandwich shop and getting some well earned grub biggrin

In the immortal words of Jim Carey in "Dumb and Dumber" "I luk it, I luk it alot!"


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Posted: Tue, 2nd Dec 2003, 3:58am

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I think the general idea of someone once they get shot in the heart is they die instantly without the bother of being able to nearly stand up and then try and dial 999.

However, that only made me smile, I thought it was great and it reminded me of all the toffs I go and listen to when I take photos with my dad (who all think they are superior). It had some neat camera angles in and the withdrawel of energy at the end was excellent from the guy (superb use of Alam, and not overkill either).

4/5. Really fun to watch, and random. Me like random.
Posted: Tue, 2nd Dec 2003, 4:30am

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If you get shot in the heart, you don't necessarily die instantly. I know of a robber who ran for a block before falling over.
Posted: Tue, 2nd Dec 2003, 5:02am

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Very well done. Great plot, good use of effects, good locations.

The beginning sequence with the man hunting for his dog had some great camera angles.

Excellent acting by the brothers. They managed to maintain the weird mood throughout.

Just a very good overall movie. I'd like to see more of this type.
Posted: Tue, 2nd Dec 2003, 5:18am

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sidewinder wrote:

If you get shot in the heart, you don't necessarily die instantly. I know of a robber who ran for a block before falling over.
Heh, you sound like your talking from experience.
Posted: Tue, 2nd Dec 2003, 6:23am

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contrary to popular belief, getting shot in the heart doesn't always kill you instantly
and on a related interesting note, getting shot in the head doesn't always kill you.

I haven't, however, heard of anyone recovering from a shot to the heart. that doesn't mean it hasn't happened. just that I haven't heard of it.
Posted: Tue, 2nd Dec 2003, 6:13pm

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Despite its slow pacing there is something that I found appealing about this short. Perhaps it was its understated nature: two aliens casually goin g about their business. I don't know; I just liked it.

On a more technical note I thought that the video quality was nice. Perhaps this was mentioned earlier but it looks like you used a high quality DV camcorder. The audio was pretty good to, clear in most parts.

I liked the scene where they absorbed their victim. ...creatively shot.

I give it a four mostly due to its high production qualities and somewhat original execution of an idea we have seen before in film.
Posted: Thu, 4th Dec 2003, 8:33pm

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I enjoyed the project. This short was good because it was different. I thought it was interestingly fun, and I think there's much more to do with the main characters. I hope we see more of them in the future. As for the pacing...well it did have a slow point or two, but I never lost interest in the film. The effects were good and not overdone. I really like having a strong story first, then adding the EFX to compliment the film as a whole. Good job.
Posted: Thu, 4th Dec 2003, 11:26pm

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Yeah, I also could not help but notice the very good looking locations.

The lighting was very nice and the sound was good. The only thing that needs work is the acting. As far as cinematography, it's worthy of high praise.

liked it a lot. This should be in the Top Ten list-no doubt
Posted: Sat, 6th Dec 2003, 10:05pm

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ThE Big ChiPowSki

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Thank you to everyone for their comments. Most apprecitated. The idea for the film came up whilst the three of us were chatting at a pub one night. We started filming the next day. Basically it was improvised from here on in and, retakes aside, shot chronologically around a very rough idea. New ideas came up day by day and the finished product beared very little resemblance to the original narrative conception. There wasn't really any pre-production per se and the shots and locations were decided on the spot. This proved to be an enjoyable and continually brain racking way of putting together a film. Are there any other films on the site made in this way? I would like to know if anybody else makes films in this way.
Posted: Sun, 7th Dec 2003, 1:30am

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All of my films are improvised. Of course, there aren't many on this site... but yeah.
Posted: Mon, 8th Dec 2003, 11:02am

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Simon K Jones

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Great stuff Charlie! Really unique style to it, particularly coming through the acting. I want to see these two on further adventures. I demand a sequel! razz
Posted: Tue, 16th Dec 2003, 1:13pm

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once i got over the style of acting i found it to be well acted.
the only downside for me was some scenes/ shots could have been cut shorter.

well done
Posted: Fri, 19th Dec 2003, 7:47pm

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Hey all! Enjoyed this alot. I like the quirky main characters and would agree with previous comments that there is alot of potential for more
exploits involving 'the brothers'.

FX use was good, added to the story well. Nice dress sense to wink

My film partner and I often would go film on the fly, unplanned/unscripted and just improvise and work out story ideas.I think it's a great way to learn as well as make some interesting and unique movies.

Good luck with future projects.
Posted: Sat, 20th Dec 2003, 2:11pm

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Great job on the movie guys. Deadpan acting style worked out nicely and was humorous in a weird kind of way. The story was interesting and cool. FX was nicely done and fit in well.

Not much to say on the negative that hasnt already been said. Some scenes could have been shorter. I also think you could have snuck a little more music in there. Nit picky stuff. Overall a damn fine job!
Posted: Mon, 22nd Dec 2003, 9:42pm

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wow, poor acting indeed. the film just dragged on way too long. I dont know why ppl were that the effects were used well for the movie, they didnt fit in at all. the music that was chosen too was horrid. it didnt match the movie style at all: two sophisticated brothers and punk music? hmm..
camera angles were okay..the film didnt make quite much sense. what was the purpose of draining his energy at the end? who are these two brothers? there was no character development once so ever. for a good movie no matter how long you need some char. dev.. i dunno, there was just something about this movie that pissed me off. it was probably the fact that i watched "Requiem For a Dream" before i watched this pile or nonsense.
sorry guys
Posted: Mon, 22nd Dec 2003, 11:01pm

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I can't believe watching Requiem would sway your opinion so greatly. It's not as if this movie is anything at all like that.
Posted: Mon, 29th Dec 2003, 4:02pm

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Loved the idea! The scenerie was awesome and overall you guys just did one hell of good job smile Camera work was also well presented and gave a really good feel to the film.
Posted: Mon, 29th Dec 2003, 4:22pm

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Bloody Excellent!

This shows a lot of good effects which alam dv can do. I like the bit at the end when the fire comes up that looks great!

Make some more great entertainment videos like this!!

Top Stuff 5 Stars!
Posted: Sat, 14th Feb 2004, 3:38pm

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When it first started, I thought, "holy over-acting, Batman!" As it went on, I realized the two brothers were supposed to act that way. I enjoyed it, it had some nice effects and the acting was, actually, pretty good.
Posted: Sun, 21st May 2006, 6:29pm

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A entertaining movie, I did like how funny it was. The Spirit of the Hunt... I liked it, the fire bellowing from the one fellows mouth was a bit outdated. If you were to redo it, it would look a lot better. But it t'was very enetertaining, also the gun effects were pretty cool. The acting was very good though. Over all bravo!!!