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Can see outline of Quad on Video

Posted: Sat, 6th Dec 2003, 2:19pm

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I am a newbie to this package. Having tried it for the first time, I picked it up pretty quick. OK, so you don't get double-click features and context menu's, But I found it easy enough. I got to layer a number of water explosion effects in the order of overlap I wanted. I've added a couple of masks to protect foreground objects from collision. Though, having rendered it I've noticed that some of the quads have a grey outline around their perimeter (and it's in the edit too), thus framing and spoiling the effect. I had used some transparency on the items. Some plugins respond badly and darken the background. However, is the grey visible outline I have around the Quad something I can change? I've used a particular plugin in the same frame and they don't always suffer by showing an outline or sometimes a vertical / horizontal line across the frame(s). How do I turn the outline of the Quad off in the render - or is the plugin? Sorry if the answer is obvious.
Posted: Sat, 6th Dec 2003, 4:39pm

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The few plugins that have the quad showing were made like that ( not intended ) the only advice I can give is:
1. Contact the maker of the plugin and ask nice if he could redo it.
2. Use a mask over the quad line to hide it when rendered.
3. Learn to make plugins and change the plugin yourself.
Posted: Sun, 7th Dec 2003, 3:47am

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And always just double check to make sure you're running in 32-bit color depth.