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Jurassic Park Fan Movie

Posted: Sat, 6th Dec 2003, 2:52pm

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Why are there no plugins for flying dinosaurs I relaly need some urgent please

can anyone help ?
Posted: Sat, 6th Dec 2003, 2:58pm

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here is dinosaurs and animal plugins, but i looked and thier are no fly dinosours. i sure that if you ask somebody they will make you one.
hope it helps
peace out
Posted: Sat, 6th Dec 2003, 3:25pm

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If you're going to make a film where dinosaurs feature heavily, then maybe you should look into using a 3D app. This way you will have exact control over angles and animations etc. Rather than relying on a plugin.
Posted: Sun, 7th Dec 2003, 1:35am

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Of course, according to your post, you're not a gold member... This just a cover?