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iMovie 3.03 Importing/Exporting to Alamdv

Posted: Sun, 7th Dec 2003, 9:57pm

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Hi everyone, I am very happy user of iMovie 3.03 and have recently purchased Alamdv 2.1.5, could someone tell me how I import/export to/from Alamdv? I assume that Quicktime pro would be a in there somewhere. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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Posted: Mon, 8th Dec 2003, 12:41am

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I love iMovie except for sound editing. But anyway, here's what to do:

1. Import all your clips (in 3.0+ they'll import into the timeline directly)
2. Put all your clips onto the hoding area, dock, whatever you want to call it
3. Get a very rough edit done. Just order the clips without cutting them. Then find out which ones need effects added in Alam.
4. Put everything else back on the dock area and cut/crop/whatever so that all the clips that need effects are nice and ready.
5. Go to export, and select Quicktime from the dropdown selection thing. Export at highest quality, no compression and save it somewhere you can find easily.
6. Open Alam DV. Make sure you've run the plugin loader program if you've changed your plugins in any way since you last opened Alam.
7. Choose import and find your quicktime file. Add all your effects.
8. Export to Quicktime again, using high compression. Use the 29.97 (or whatever) fps selection.
9. Go into iMovie again, and either select import and import your new file OR find it in the finder and click and drag it onto the timeline or dock area.
10. Use the arrow keys to move frame-by-frame in your new clip with effects, cutting the clip (command + T) at the FIRST FRAME of each clip, not the one before.
11. put in your other clips and finish your movie! Yay!
Posted: Tue, 20th Jan 2004, 11:17pm

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instead of exporting to quicktime in iMovie 3, you should be able to use the actual DV footage that you imported using iMovie. you need to open the iMovie project folder of the movie you are working on, and then open the media folder. it should have all of your clips in it. from there you can created a new project in AlamDV and open whichever clip in the media folder. this will cut down on time and increase quality. i exported using quicktime for my last movie and the footage with the special effects is (very) noticeably worse than the normal footage.


edit: when exporting in AlamDV, you can choose to export as DV. that should keep your footage full quality.