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24p problems?

Posted: Mon, 15th Dec 2003, 11:32am

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Northern Lights

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First of all, I have to admit that I'm still trying the AlamDV2 demo. However, any answers I get here will go a long way toward determining whether or not I register the product.

I made a project with the Panasonic DVX100, and used FCP4 to strip out the pulldown frames, leaving me with full 23.98 fps progressive clips.

Anyway, the film is now edited, and needs some FX that AlamDV seems ideal for, so I download the demo and try it out on some clips.

Here's the problem: when I load a 23.98 fps progressive QuickTime file, AlamDV2 automatically considers it to be 60 fps (as judged from the "movie info" selection on the "movie" menu). So, of course, the output file is also exported at 60 fps, and can't be used in FCP without a lengthy (and, probably, quality-robbing) re-render.

Is there any known way around this? Surely there must be some way to work with 23.98 fps progressive files...
Posted: Mon, 15th Dec 2003, 12:02pm

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Simon K Jones

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AlamDV3 will have far improved media support, I'd recommend trying AlamDV3 when the demo is out.
Posted: Mon, 15th Dec 2003, 3:58pm

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Have you tried exporting the footage you want to apply the effects to in a different codec?

AlamDV is a great program & I heartily recommend it. Btw, is your name astrologically or Phillip Pullman ispired? I love Dark Materials smile
Posted: Mon, 15th Dec 2003, 4:03pm

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Joshua Davies

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Just out of interest, are you having your 24P work printed to film to be projected?
Posted: Thu, 18th Dec 2003, 2:42pm

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Does AlamDV import image sequences?
If yes then that's the ideal way to do it.