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Movie/Plugin Submissions 19th to 29th December

Posted: Fri, 19th Dec 2003, 1:29pm

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It is unlikely that we will be adding any more movie/plugin submissions to the website until after the 29th of December. We are very busy and don't feel we have time to review them properly. Feel free to keep submitting them, just keep in mind that they will remain pending till after the 29th. Also if there is a large backlog after this date it may take a while for yours to be processed.

Sorry for the inconvenience

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Posted: Fri, 19th Dec 2003, 2:14pm

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This doesn't qualify as news? I would think it should.
Posted: Fri, 19th Dec 2003, 9:21pm

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Ok, thanks for telling us biggrin
Posted: Sat, 20th Dec 2003, 5:38am

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Why put it in the new's it already clearly stated as an "Annoucement" meaning that its important considering only CSB can make them. Also its under which is anything related to what maybe going on around the site.