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A Huge Sound Archive!!!! Please Read!!!!

Posted: Sun, 21st Dec 2003, 1:57am

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I don't know if there is one on AlamDV2 ( I haven't gotten it to work yet)but I think you should make an archive of a bunch of different sounds like lightsabers because some people, like me, have an extermely slow comp and cannot download sounds. You should have light sabers and guns, explosions of different types, and other stuff like that! That would be awesome!
Posted: Sun, 21st Dec 2003, 2:10am

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If you can't download sounds, then how are you supposed to download them off the website?

Anyway, AlamDV2 isn't for adding sounds, there was a sound archive on the site once, but people kept asking "how do you add the sounds in AlamDV2?" so they took it off.
Posted: Sun, 21st Dec 2003, 1:01pm

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Gold Member is a special effects community, not a sound effects community. Future (and i mean long term future) may see sound being added to the software etc, but at the moment, it's all visual effects, like muzzle flashes, green screening, digital grading...

You'll be better off searching the forum about sound, and finding better website for downloading them...

TMM twisted
Posted: Sat, 27th Dec 2003, 8:32pm

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Go to:

They have a ton of SFX!!! I use them alot!

Click on> TFN Main page
Scroll down
Click on> Post Production

There you go! Wait...let me get you the address....Hold on...

There you go!
Posted: Fri, 30th Jan 2004, 12:28pm

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It's very good, I have maaany sounds from there. Even though I believe that links no longer work, I think that you can get the sounds you want (not only from star wars), by contacting the guy! Just read the post and you gonna know anything.
Hope this helps.
Posted: Wed, 3rd Mar 2004, 10:44pm

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Narluin Arthalion

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There is also a a method called pholy art (yeah I know its spelled wrong).
You could try and make your own sounds. Thats what they do for the movies. At some point or another someone made those sounds that you could download.
Posted: Fri, 5th Mar 2004, 8:49am

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I think you better visit JushHome's Soundbunker, with a huge archive of sound effects for Star Wars, war-movies and kung-fu movies.

The search-engine is also a very good archive, but some very ordinary sounds is missing. I know a swedish sound effect-site to, but it's no idea to post it here! wink
Posted: Fri, 12th Mar 2004, 3:07am

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I took the Enter the Matrix sounds off the sound bunker and went through them (all 400 of them), removing the cut off ones, as well as naming them.

Here they are