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Glowing eyes?

Posted: Tue, 22nd Jan 2002, 4:29am

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Hey guys whatsup? I was just sitting in bed and wondering if the glowing eyes thing that I see in alot of films in the cinema were in Alam or Photoshop. So, I got online at 1 in the morning and decided to ask smile. So which program do you use, and if alam, how?
Posted: Tue, 22nd Jan 2002, 4:33am

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Jealous Flesh

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THe Glowing eyes I used in SPELL MASTERS were ALAM exclusively. (In fact everything in that video was.) It is just the lightsource plug-in on minimum size with moderate glow.
Posted: Tue, 22nd Jan 2002, 10:39pm

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or you can use the circle mask with partial transparency.
Posted: Wed, 23rd Jan 2002, 9:35am

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Look at Storm's eyes in the AlamDV2 trailers... they're all glowy and stuff... all done in AlamDV2