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Bluescreen In Alamdv???

Posted: Fri, 26th Dec 2003, 8:02pm

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I have heard that you can bluescreen in Alam, is that true? If it is where are the options? I have bluescreened in Adobe Premiere, but no where else.


-The new guy (I am not new to the website, just the program)
Posted: Fri, 26th Dec 2003, 8:06pm

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To answer your question, sadly no. There is no real way to "blue screen" or chromakey in AlamDV.


Chromanator is coming out on the 29th and will do what you are saying and wanting to do!

EDIT: If you were REALLY desperate to do it in AlamDV you could make your bground a plugin and ad it to your footage of the actor on the screen. Then take masks and put it ontop of your actor so they are still there and in front of the background...but after all the trouble you spent, you would be done with it in Chromanator or Premiere or After Effects..etc.

Andrew biggrin

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Posted: Fri, 26th Dec 2003, 8:07pm

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No, it is not true. Chromanator, being released on the 29th December 03, is csb-digitals blue-screening product. AlamDV is not.


I suggest you explore this website more, especially given that chromanator is advertised on the front page of the site.
Posted: Fri, 26th Dec 2003, 8:56pm

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Although AlamDV is not a blue-screening program, you can open your video in filmstrip in photoshop. Then you paint black around your actor frame by frame. Then, you choose one of the modes in plugger to eliminate the black(I think its add pin). I don't see why anyone would want to do this because chromanator is 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 times easier (and quicker, and it will come out better). But you can definately do it this way.
Posted: Sat, 27th Dec 2003, 5:38am

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Chromanator? whats chromanator?
Posted: Sat, 27th Dec 2003, 6:28am

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eh... some program... nuthin huge.....