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HELP ME!!!!!! with alamdv2

Posted: Sun, 11th Jan 2004, 4:59pm

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Mary C Olmsted

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Somebody please help me. I have recently bought a new gateway dvs20 camcorder and i recorded a clip. So i try to open it in alam and it says how it is not the right suffix. Can somebody please help me for this and tell me what to do?
Posted: Sun, 11th Jan 2004, 5:07pm

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At a guess..

What is the suffix (The last 3(ish) letters after the dot..) as in .avi .mov .whatever

with a question like that, I am guessing you are using windows ?
Posted: Sun, 11th Jan 2004, 5:12pm

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To open in AlamDV2 your file must be either .mov or .avi.
Posted: Sun, 11th Jan 2004, 5:25pm

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I had the same problem but with my Hi8mm Camcorder. Some reason when i captured onto the computer using dazzle it would capture as an .avi file although it wasn't proper therefore it couldn't be loaded into things such as alamdv. So what I had to do all the time was load that captured avi clip in some video editor..I used premiere than I exported as a quicktime file or DV AVI file. Than I was able to do all my next steps with it such as bring it up in AlamDV2. Now this maybe inconvienent although this is what I had to do for I could get it into AlamDV2. I think it had something to do with my capture device.