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Zelda Backgrounds

Posted: Wed, 14th Jan 2004, 2:28am

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Can anyone find backgrounds from Zelda. That would help a TON. I need anything and everything from Ocarina of time.
Posted: Wed, 14th Jan 2004, 2:30am

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If you have the game, there could be a way of connecting your computer to your TV and capturing screens from it...
Posted: Fri, 16th Jan 2004, 12:16am

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heres what you do:
Connect the nintendo or gamecube or whatever to the vcr via the rca inputs.
If your camera has rca jacks, attach those to the outputs.
Play the game.
When you get to a part you want to get a snapshot of, take a picture using your digital camcorder. Yay.
Posted: Sun, 18th Jan 2004, 4:39am

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thanks marek! ive actually been wondering that for a while