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importing to premiere pro

Posted: Wed, 14th Jan 2004, 3:31am

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hi i need some help here please. first i export a clip from premiere, saved as an avi file. i then import it into alamdv2 where i apply various effects. i then export it as an avi file, i choose the uncompressed codec. I then open premiere pro and import the clip back in. i can view it in the project import clip preview browser thngy, but it just stays black when i play it from the timeline, all im seeing if black.
any help would be much appreciated.
Posted: Wed, 14th Jan 2004, 3:33am

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Try this:

1. Drag it into the Preview Box
2. Restart you computer.
3. Click the video compressor in ALAMDV2.

Hope this helped, I'm try to guess..??? This has not happend to me before.

Posted: Wed, 14th Jan 2004, 5:41am

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sorry it didnt help but thanks anyway, still trying to sort it out. i have tried this: when i export from alamdv2 (uncompressed) i cant see it in premiere, however when i compress it with some other codec in alamdv2 and import it to premiere it comes up alright. the thing is the quality is quite bad definatley not as good as the uncompressed file.
im still tryin hard.
Posted: Thu, 8th Jul 2004, 11:57pm

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Donkey - if you find a cure please e-mail me.

I'm having exactly the same problem sad


Posted: Fri, 9th Jul 2004, 1:11am

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can you watch the clip in a player such as windows media or something outside of premiere?
Posted: Sat, 10th Jul 2004, 3:44am

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Make sure you're not compressing it AT ALL. leave any compression until later on when you compress the whole movie all together. Compressing seperate clips more than others will be noticeable in your overall movie.

Try making sure you've rendered your timeline also. (Highlight the timeline and press enter a.k.a. Return). If you've tried these and they don't work, get back to me.
Posted: Sat, 10th Jul 2004, 12:25pm

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i have the same problem. The only solution that I found is to use
premiere 6.5 (6 would also work).In premiere 6.5 it worked fine. So what you have to do is, import it to 6.5 and then export it as .avi or whatever, and then import it in premiere pro.

Its some weird thing in premiere pro. I hate it, 6.5 is alot better.

I hope this helped.
Posted: Mon, 12th Jul 2004, 1:10am

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I too have the same problem with Premiere Pro, so I always have to export out of AlamDV2 compressed which sucks, so if anybody has a fix it would be greatly appreciated.
Posted: Fri, 6th Aug 2004, 2:26pm

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Escaped Madman

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After reading the problem, I checked to see if I had the same issue on my system; and surprise, surprise - I do. frown

After playing around with PPro and AlamDV2 for a while the solution is export from AlamDV as normal (Uncompressed).

Import the footage into PPro and once you have placed it onto the timeline - as you know, it turns black.

Right click and select 'Field Options'. Select the 'Flicker Removal' option and click OK. After rendering, your video with AlamDV effects should now play with no problems. biggrin

Hope this works for you too.
Posted: Tue, 23rd Nov 2004, 4:08pm

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Here's what I had to do:

My system runs Premiere Pro 1.5, XP SP1, ATI 9600Pro Dual monitor @ 1024x768 (2048x768)

  1. Download the Matrox VFW codec (
  2. Set screen resolution maually in Alamdv2 to 1024x768. Alamdv2 does not detect dual monitor resolution properly sad
  3. Position Alamdv2 application on primary monitor (in my case this is my right hand monitor). Alandv2 does not render properly when positioned on the secondary monitor.
  4. Export PPRO as AVI. Add your effect(s) in Alamdv2.
  5. Export from Alamdv2 as Microsoft DV (with detail slider and render options set to 100% detail). I also set the bit rate much higher - 4000Kbps is usually enough

The Microsoft DV format appears with normal with no apparent loss of detail back in PPRO. Exporting from Alamdv2 as "fullscreen AVI" does not work for me. Changing video options on the clip has no effect for me. I just get a black screen.

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Posted: Tue, 23rd Nov 2004, 5:07pm

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hmmm, i dont know if this will work as i dont actually own premiere, if you give it a run through with virtual dub that normally sorts out any problems i have with uncompressed video
Posted: Sun, 28th Nov 2004, 4:44pm

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i have the same damn problem, i hope the csb team sees this.
Posted: Wed, 19th Jan 2005, 10:38am

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I've got the same problem too!! Uncompressed video just keeps "black video" in premiere timeline. I'll try flicker removal and then I'll tell you if it works for me. Hey, do all of you with the same problem work with a Matrox RT. X10 or X100?
Posted: Fri, 21st Jan 2005, 3:06pm

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Simon K Jones

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As far as I'm aware, people do not have this problem with Chromanator. Therefore the AlamDV3 upgrade should fix it, as it shares the same render engine. Sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime...the must have changed something in Premiere Pro that is causing the problem.
Posted: Fri, 21st Jan 2005, 6:18pm

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Premiere Pro Manual....

Page 243..
Number 2...

select "ignore alpha channel"

Problem solved...