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PayPal ordering now available!

Posted: Fri, 23rd Jan 2004, 9:32pm

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Simon K Jones

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Due to popular demand, we have now added the ability to buy CSB-Digital products using a PayPal account. Just visit the store to check it out.

This means that there are now three secure ways of paying for CSB-Digital products, depending on your personal preference:

Secure online credit/debit card ordering
Using a secure Netbanx system, this is the fastest and easiest method. Simply enter your credit/debit card details and have everything you need emailed to you straight away.

PayPal ordering
If you prefer to use PayPal for your online transactions, now you can! Works similarly to the credit/debit card system, with your details being sent as soon as the transaction is successful.

Mail ordering
If you do not wish to order using the internet, you can use the mail order system to print out an order form. This can then be sent to us using good old fashioned postal mail, along with a cheque for the correct amount.

If you have any questions about the payment options, please email
Posted: Fri, 23rd Jan 2004, 9:43pm

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nice touch. so efficient!
Posted: Fri, 23rd Jan 2004, 10:28pm

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Excellent news.

May I just add for those that might not know about paypal.
You can sign up for a paypal account without the need for a credit or debit card.
Ebay uses paypal.
You can even get your friends to send you money via paypal ( a small charge is taken off but it really is small ).
Posted: Fri, 23rd Jan 2004, 10:35pm

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Even more ways to pay smile
Posted: Sat, 24th Jan 2004, 12:08am

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Shame there isn't an option for Nochex. A UK company that is just as good, if not better for CSB. Especially when taking into account the charge when prices get higher. Paypal takes a percentage of the total price. So, not really that good for CSB. Yes?

I use Paypal, so don't think I'm a hater. It's just I think CSB should get the full amount, rather than Paypal taking a chunk out of profits.

Posted: Sat, 24th Jan 2004, 12:33am

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I think this is a very smart move for CSB-Digital to make.

Posted: Sat, 24th Jan 2004, 1:04am

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This is great. The PayPal system has been very reliable for me.
Posted: Sat, 24th Jan 2004, 9:07am

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Joshua Davies

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Thanks for the support and comments guys.

Although it would be nice to get 100% of the money you always have to pay the middle man (unless we become a bank biggrin ). We are happy to pay a percentage to the transaction people like PayPal as long as they offer a good and inexpensive service.

We hope that the introduction of PayPal mean a few more people have a chance to get our software as its a brand thats well known worldwide.
Posted: Tue, 3rd Feb 2004, 5:08pm

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Isn't this the same thing as paying with a credit card but you use your mail? Can I type in a swedish bank-card number or is it only credit cards? I can't get it how to pay with checks through your email.. confused