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I have no clue on how to increase the frames beyond 100

Posted: Sat, 24th Jan 2004, 4:28am

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How do I do this? Im using the demo at the moment to get a feel of the program. The price is reasonable, especially after seeing some of the user movies.

So how do I increase the frames, or is that not available in the demo version.

The max the frame will go to is 100. I cant seem to move or create a Friendly frame beyond this even if the effect goes beyond the 100 frames.

THX biggrin
Posted: Sat, 24th Jan 2004, 4:39am

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some effects are non loopable, but the loopable ones, you right click the blue line at the end of the effect and drag it as much frames as you want.

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Posted: Sat, 24th Jan 2004, 9:25am

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Simon K Jones

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Move the playhead to the desired frame and use the Set Out Point option from the menu at the top of the screen.
Posted: Mon, 26th Jul 2004, 2:42pm

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I have this problem and I've just bought the full version...

Help please? smile

Thanks biggrin