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:-( I lost my magic Code :-(

Posted: Tue, 27th Jan 2004, 6:47pm

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i lost my magic get i a new one???
I don´t now what i have to submit ´cause when i add my ZIP code(germany) and my e-mail address
It says:
That email and post/zip code combination
is not in our database
Please check them and try again
Attempt Logged

what i have to add to get my code???????????

Sorry for my bad englisch iam from germany
Posted: Tue, 27th Jan 2004, 6:57pm

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Umm...why'd you post this twice?
Posted: Tue, 27th Jan 2004, 6:59pm

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c R a Z y

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Malone and they will check that thing.... So u tried this:
Dont you get that to ur email? I mean ur details,magic code....and so on.

----------------------------- c R a Z y -----------------------------
Posted: Tue, 27th Jan 2004, 7:19pm

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PM Malone for that.

Edit: You lost your magic code, yet, you just joined! Odd, eh?
Posted: Wed, 18th Feb 2004, 10:39pm

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Not really Brettsta, many people but the program and register in the forum after and enter their magic code. Its not too incommon.

Andrew biggrin