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Posted: Wed, 28th Jan 2004, 11:22am

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From the makers of "The Frickin' Four Legged Feline" and the star of such movies as "Backyard Wars", "Heel-Kickin' Funny", and "Double Duel" comes another cinematic masterpiece ...


An undercover drug operation goes horribly wrong when FBI agents unknowingly try to buy drugs from other undercover FBI agents posing as drug dealers.
My brother(jonky64) made this movie NOT me(ZukoVega) but he can no longer upload movies under his name since AlamDV was registered under my name .... He is now under my control since I am the holder of the "magic key"!
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Posted: Wed, 28th Jan 2004, 11:50am

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At first I didn't like this, subject and all. THEN, I started laughing SOOOOO hard! I love this little movie. i liked the music, the jokes, the over acting, and especially the blood from the arm!
Posted: Wed, 28th Jan 2004, 11:55pm

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Excellent! The only real problem I had with it was the language barrier, you had drug use(sort of) and guys getting shot between the eyes, so I don't think it would have been a big deal to just go ahead and say a couple of curse words where they fit. I gave this a five because I thought it was very good in every aspect; the script(other than the above), the plot, the shots, the framing, the costumes and makeup(entertaining), the music, even the acting, and especially the titles introducing each character. Had a very Pulp Fiction feel to it, not by accident I'm betting.
Posted: Thu, 29th Jan 2004, 12:14am

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Ya, i was trying to give it a Pulp Fiction and a Resivoir Dogs kind of feel.
Im planning on putting another version up and fixing somethings.
Posted: Thu, 29th Jan 2004, 1:48am

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That one was excellent, congratulations. I would have preffered some more dramatic music even though it's a comedy... but yeah. It's your best one so far.
Posted: Fri, 30th Jan 2004, 1:36am

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Good Job! I liked the sideburns! You did give it that Pulp fiction feel, great work and good writing. Your characters were all cool, with a bit more thought into the dialogue, you would have had a really sweet peice, but nonetheless it was good! Drugs, guns, decapatation...a hard day at the office aye?

I look forward to more of your work, keep filming and writing, you'll be on your way in a taratino like style! Kudos!
Posted: Fri, 30th Jan 2004, 1:06pm

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I really enjoyed Undercover. No one gets more mileage out of acting in their own movies then you. I always enjoy the many costume changes, the pacing, the editing, the close-ups and the effects. You also have a sense of comedy that I enjoy. I 'm looking forward to your next movie.
Posted: Sun, 1st Feb 2004, 5:08am

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Posted: Sun, 1st Feb 2004, 5:09am

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Hes at it still. Someone has no life and is to afraid to get a usernmae!!! mods, get him!
Posted: Mon, 2nd Feb 2004, 12:37pm

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Great stuff, good sound implentation and a nice handling of atmosphere.
Perhaps you recut the movie, so I would like some faster cuts in some scenes and let the "Cleaner" clean up the room after cutting "The Partner" into pieces. By the way, the arm splatting scene is my favorit; trashing my mind, haha, go on!
Posted: Wed, 4th Feb 2004, 1:46am

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Rating: -1

Whew, i thought it would be another lame "im a little kid and cant act worth Sh**, but we still think its funny", but i was surprised at how you were able to get so much use out of one actor, being yourself, and even make the static camera shots work well. great job on this, i'll have to go download some of your other movies now, see how ya did with them.
Posted: Fri, 6th Feb 2004, 4:23pm

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Hilarity. Anything that can make me laugh again before I'm done laughing the first time (and do that multiple times) gets a 5 from me. Good job. Quality of video was a little poor, but you work with what you got, I totally understand that. Great acting too. Reminded me of Snatch kinda, also Mullholland Drive where that assasin dude kills the guy at his desk but accidently shoots the fat lady through the wall, and then the janitor, hehe.
Posted: Sun, 8th Feb 2004, 12:30am

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that was all from the kill bill soundtrack, and when you overlaped two different songs... intristing, i understood it, and liked some of the shots but the music didnt seem to fit
Posted: Fri, 20th Feb 2004, 6:00pm

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d00d that was one sick of a cool film !!!

5/5 5/5!!!

Posted: Tue, 24th Feb 2004, 1:29am

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Where did you get those sideburns? And what music did you use?
Posted: Wed, 25th Feb 2004, 12:17am

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I used the soundtrack from the movie Kill Bill and i gought the sideburns from a store.
Posted: Fri, 27th Feb 2004, 7:46pm

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finally got around to seeing this and heres what i think.

-The idea was good. I thought it was interesting the way cop after cop after cop would kill eachother(if they were indeed cops)
-Though I understand you probably didn't want to swear, saying frick, or im in deep crap in such a violent movie just seems wierd.
-The part where the jelly was coming out of his mouth was kind of wierd. if you were going for blood, you should have used something else i think, but if you were going for like bile or something, then you got it.
-The part where the man minus an arm flailing around was done surprisingly well
-Though i didn't dislike the coke pepsi sequence of jokes in the beginning, they didn't seem to fit the rest of the movie's humor.

overall the movie was alright, so ill give it a 3, but hey at least im not a gold member
Posted: Fri, 27th Feb 2004, 10:18pm

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I didnt use jelly for blood, and i wasnt really caring what i was using for blood because i wasnt taking this movie seriosly in trying to make it acurrate of what blood really looks like. If i wanted to make it look real i would of used something of a deeper red.
Posted: Sun, 11th Apr 2004, 10:45pm

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Hey ok movie, but just two words: white balance
Posted: Fri, 14th May 2004, 8:51pm

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Im remaking this film because I didnt like the way it came out, so some time im going to put a another version up.