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Problem with rendering in AlamDV

Posted: Sat, 31st Jan 2004, 8:09pm

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Kaz Gamble

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When I render small clips of my movie everything comes out fine, but I tried rendering the entire thing and it gives me the AVI file but the little icon acts like the computer can't identify it. If i try to open it, it says the program encountered an unknown error (Windows Media Player).

I thought this was because the screen saver came on the first time i rendered it, but this time I made sure AlamDV was in the foreground like it said and it still does the same thing.

Any help would be appreciated.
Posted: Sat, 31st Jan 2004, 10:09pm

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How long is your movie? AlamDV is really meant for a shot-by-shot basis... Short clips only where you need the effect to be and not entire video files... try keeping the sequences to no longer than a minute, preferably even shorter.

Are you rendering as an uncompressed AVI? Most computers cannot play an uncompressed clip without problems. Also, check that you're in 32-bit, just to be sure to cover that base.

Download VirtualDub for an easy free program to reencode your uncompressed footage into something more manageable, like your default DV codec, if the uncompressed thing is the case.