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Export Problems

Posted: Sun, 1st Feb 2004, 10:52pm

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I am using the latest registered version of Alam. I have a 40 second clip that was output by Studio 8 as avi using the Indeo 5.2 codec. It will open Windows Media Player and play fine. I added the Transporter beam and the medium explosion. It will not open in Visual Communicator or Pinnacle Studio 8. When I exported from ALAM I did it uncompressed.

I had another clip that also came from Studio 8 with the same codec. I added the same effects (transporter beam and medium explosion) and exported it using the Indeo 5.2 codec and when I tried to open it with Win Media Player I got the infamous "Windows Media Player has encountered an error and must close" message everytime I tried to open it. Studio8 simply said it couldn't open the file.

I am using Win XP Pro SP1 with all of the latest patches. I have. I have an nVidia Geforce 4 FX5200 AGP graphics card with 256mb of memory. My system is a 3ghz P4 with 1gb ram. Any ideas/suggestions?
Posted: Mon, 2nd Feb 2004, 3:39am

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When you import your uncompressed file into Studio, does it have colored lines all over the preview window? If so, the problem is that the color depth of the avi is 'millions of colors+', and Studio will only open files with 'millions of colors'. Download Virtual Dub and use it to export your uncompressed avi to an uncompressed avi with the 'millions of colors' bit depth setting.