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Lord of the Rings building plugins

Posted: Sat, 7th Feb 2004, 12:00am

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Hey, I have a request. Could somebody make some plugins of Lord of the Rings cities like Helms Deep, Minas Tirith or something looking similar to them? Even just smaller plugins like walls or things that look that time period would be OK. I want to try to make a city that looks like the ones from Lord of the Rings.

Shadowhawk cool
Posted: Sat, 7th Feb 2004, 12:03am

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You should ask someone who does 3d objects. Alam generally isn't for that type of stuff. I would ask in the film making section of the forums.
Posted: Sat, 7th Feb 2004, 12:40am

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I think it could be a plugin. People always comeplain about 3d plugins. Peple, not a lot of people have access or knowledge about or for 3d software.
Posted: Sat, 7th Feb 2004, 1:19am

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That's a pretty good sized modeling job.

There's a decent looking Helm's Deep model on TurboSquid.

If you have a budget (it's $75 for the Lightwave model), I'll be happy to render any views you need in Maya since it's just a matter of seconds/frame.

Personally - I wouldn't take on the modeling job for 10x that...
Posted: Sat, 7th Feb 2004, 7:33am

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You wouldn't need a 3D program! Jeez. People are so obsessed lately with telling people off for requesting plugins. I'm guessing you wouldn't want your people walking around in the city would you, shadowhawk? When I read your post, I imagined you'd want to put some stuff far off in the background or something to spice up the footage. That could easily be done with a plugin. And KimPossible, I don't think you'd have to go through and model it down to exact detail. It's not like you'd need individual bricks or anything. Just make a shape that looks basically like something like that, with flat walls, and texture it. That's all you need. For us amateurs, anyway. But yes, I do believe that would work as a plugin.
Posted: Sat, 7th Feb 2004, 10:16am

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The beast would be to get a picture and then use chromanator or AE etc. to composite you into the shot, if thats what you want to do.
Posted: Sat, 7th Feb 2004, 11:10am

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I think the best would be to use a really good miniature, like WETA did. smile
Posted: Sat, 7th Feb 2004, 2:05pm

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Thanks for all your suggestions. Yes, that’s exactly what I want to do, Aculag biggrin. I had thought of having a camera view coming up a hill, then once at the top, there would be a city in the distance. Models would work too. I have a green screen. However, if there was a plugin for them, that would be a lot easier.
Shadowhawk cool
Posted: Sun, 29th Feb 2004, 1:33am

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Hi, i dont know if this would help, but i 'm geussing you're after the same kind of thing you see in the phantom menace and the sarwars special edtions of Mos Eisley.
If you fancied having a go yourself , look on the net for a landscape shot of a city, any modern one will do, doctor it slightly breaking up the building shapes, reduce the size of the image and then blur the picture slightly.

Then when using it in your film try adding the occasional flash on the city to give the impression of metal glinting in sunlight

it may sound simplistic, but you'd be amazed how good it can look