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Posted: Sun, 8th Feb 2004, 5:44pm

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i was just wondering how you get more force on this site... I know you get some each time you register a csb product and when someone else transfers force to you... But how else?
Posted: Sun, 8th Feb 2004, 5:47pm

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Getting +1 on a post gets you 10 force
Making a plugin gets you force
Posted: Sun, 8th Feb 2004, 7:41pm

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Posting useful stuff gets points, but don't go overboard on that. Check out the Ultimate Link in Filmmaker's Forum before doing so, because useful sites may have been suggested before.

My advice: don't take force seriously. Ultimately, it's something that doesn't exist outside of this site
Posted: Tue, 30th Mar 2004, 9:34pm

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Mellifluous has right smile