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Quality settings and import problems

Posted: Sun, 8th Feb 2004, 7:35pm

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I use Vegas 4.0 for my movies. Whenever I render using AlamDV in Quicktime format, no matter what I do, the quality is horrible. For starters, how do I change that?. Next, When I render using AVI, the quality is better, but either It wont play in anything, or Vegas can't import the movie. I've tried uncompressed, and Divix so far, and Vegas can't import any of it. WHat do I do?
Posted: Sun, 8th Feb 2004, 8:09pm

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After rendering your AVI uncompressedin Alamdv, use Virtual Dub to rerender it, but with a bit depth of millions of colors (as opposed to millions of colors+). If this doesn't work, use the DV codec, and if you don't have it you can download a free DV codec from the Matrox website.
Posted: Sun, 8th Feb 2004, 10:33pm

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Vegas will load an uncompressed AVI from AlamDV just fine. Are you running a licensed copy of Vegas? What revision?

I'm running Vegas 4.0d.

From Vegas to go to AlamDV, select File->Render As

Type: AVI
Template: Default Template (Uncompressed)
Custom Button
Project Tab: Rendering Quality: Best
Video tab: Change the frame rate from 29.97 to 30 (seems to give less conniptions to AlamDV)
Field Order: Progressive (deinterlaces and loses the jaggies)
Video Format: Uncompressed
Audio Tab: deselect "Include Audio"

save in short segments. Best to work in segments when compositing anyway. Remember: A good chance your machine can't play back uncompressed AVI - but don't let that concern you. We're editing, not playing.

To load that clip into AlamDV, do a File->New Project
Click on Movie Import
Select your video that you just rendered

To save from Alam and bring it back into Vegas:

Export->Export AVI
Rendering Options - (for this, assuming defaults)
Render Button
Name the file
Click OK on the foreground warning box (modal dialog)

drop down select Full Frames (Uncompressed)

Render it out.

Do an import media in the media bin of vegas, double click on it, drop it on the timeline and VOILA! Max possible quality.
Posted: Tue, 10th Feb 2004, 12:37am

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hi i get the same problem with premiere pro. after applying effects to make avi in alamdv2 when i export it and run it back in premiere all i get is black on my timeline.
thanks any ideas??
Posted: Tue, 10th Feb 2004, 12:40am

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On my timeline in everyprogram ive used I get black in my timeline and when I click it before I do anything with it, but the vid looks fine in the preview screen . Its weird, but it works in all the other screens.