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Transparency Color

Posted: Mon, 9th Feb 2004, 11:51am

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This question must have been asked a million times, so I apologize, couldn't find the answer here.

This is about the plugin maker. I've been experimenting with some plugins, but I cannot figure out what color the background of the pictures needs to be so it is registered as transparent in alam.

I took a look at existing (default) plugins in the directory, and they are flat black I do think. I tried that and it makes a solid black color for me. No transparent around my object.

So... can anyone please tell me what I need to do to make my 3d object, the actual point of the plugin, be surrounded by transparency?

Thank you
Posted: Mon, 9th Feb 2004, 8:22pm

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owen rixon

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Its called alpha channeling. Its nothing to do with colours. I only know how to do it in photoshop, so I can only tell you this.
Take your image, and using one of the selection tools, select all the parts of the image that you want to remove from the plugin. Once youve done this, go to Select>Inverse, and now only the object that will end up in the final plugin will be selected. Now go to the bottom of the tools menu, the one that has the shortcuts to the brushes ect, and click on the icon at the very bottom which has a white circle inside a grey rectangle. Then go to save as copy, and select ".Tiff". Now the image should be ready for the plugger.
Hope this helps.
Posted: Mon, 9th Feb 2004, 9:04pm

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You don't have to use an alpha channel. All the plugins that are in jpg format have no alpha channels. If you have a black background, you can do two things (maybe more, I'm not totally sure) to get it to work as a plugin. One is by selecting black transparent, which is good for solid object plugins. The other is add pin, which is used for luminosity effects (explosions, light, etc).
Posted: Tue, 10th Feb 2004, 2:44am

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csb-digital does not recommend creating plug-ins without alpha channels. Ever.