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REQUEST: First-person shooter (was: Can somebody make...)

Posted: Tue, 10th Feb 2004, 4:04am

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...a set of first person shooter stills or animations? Like what you see when you play counter strike, the hands with the gun. Thankies for reading my post.
Posted: Tue, 10th Feb 2004, 9:17am

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what r u gonna use it for? if you gonna have it in a movie with "real" persons, can't you just stick your arms with a gun infront of the cam and either shoot in infront of the greenscreen or at location?

im not gonna make a plugin like this.. but if anyone else want:
If you have Counter Strike and have a bit knowledge on how to make your own "levels" make a full blue level and run around at it at the same time you record what you are doing, then save this as bmps as the same way you do when you make your counter strike movie...

altho I wonder how the copyright laws and stuff would work...
Posted: Tue, 10th Feb 2004, 11:36am

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We need something that is fake looking so we can use it for the computer players viewpoint. But, I think we'll just go with the way you suggested.
Posted: Thu, 19th Feb 2004, 5:32pm

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Oh....actually I'd made a plugin like that before! But I'm not quite sure if I deleted it or not! I can check it out! Maybe I can upload it! You never know! biggrin