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Frame and interlace problem with finished film

Posted: Wed, 18th Feb 2004, 2:06pm

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I couldnt find any help in the postings I read in theis forum, so hopefully I don't repeat any question already answered here:

I work with Studio 8 and export some clips to Alam DV 2 to insert fx. After that I put them back to Studio anf finish the film by rendering an svcd mpeg. When I play the mpeg on the computer everything looks fine, but when I burn it on cd and play it on tv the scenes with effects (not the other scenes which weren't exported to alam) are stuttering (looks like frames are missing) and i got these interlace stripes. What can I do to make the Alam dv scenes look like the other scenes?

Thx for help!

Posted: Wed, 18th Feb 2004, 9:10pm

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Hmm...Try using virtual dub to deinterlace the clips before you import them into alamdv.

Or it could be an issue with the demo, but I highly doubt it.