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submit a movie without spend too money???

Posted: Sat, 21st Feb 2004, 12:17pm

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i would ike to submit my movies but alamdv and chromanator are too expensive! can i submit movies without spend a lot of money?
Thanks very much
Posted: Sat, 21st Feb 2004, 12:25pm

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mardock wrote:

without spend a lot of money?
its not alot of money, its as cheep as it can get! The Cinema is for AlamDV and Chromantor movies.. If I were you, I would stick around at this forum anyway, couse its great
Posted: Sun, 22nd Feb 2004, 3:14am

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Some hobbies are cheap, others take money. Making movies is an expensive hobby. No way around it. The whole point of csb-digital is to create movie-making software that is affordable to everyone. It isn't free, but it IS so inexpensive that it is kind of ridiculous. Saying that these programs are too expensive is madness.

That being said, I understand that you may not be able to afford them right now, it took me awhile to get the funds myself. In the meantime, you cannot submit movies to the cinema, but feel free to post a link to any movies you have created here in the forums, and you will be able to get some feedback from whoever watches it.
Posted: Sun, 22nd Feb 2004, 5:17am

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right now andrewtheactorman is doing something cool, he is leting people upload their movies onto his site, so they may submit them here.
check out this post, by andrewtheactorman
hope that helps you.
peace out