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Star Trek Shield Effect?

Posted: Wed, 25th Feb 2004, 5:33pm

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Hey all.

With the amount of Star Trek plug-ins coming on to the site, i was wondering if one of you talented people out there could make a plugin for the shield effect.

I have been using the mega shield effect for certain scenes in my film but i looked back at them today and thought it didnt look right, i havnt been able to find a tutorial for one myself, maybe someone else knows of one?


Posted: Thu, 26th Feb 2004, 1:02pm

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I am interested too. I ry to make shield effect for a movie and never find any tutorial about them.

Posted: Sat, 13th Mar 2004, 10:14pm

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Oh yes great ideia it´s will be a amazing plugin!
It´s a work for the 3D plugin makers! This plugin will be many users!!!
I´m really interested too!!!