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Posted: Thu, 26th Feb 2004, 9:21pm

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Don't know if you'll agree with me, but why make plugins which 'travel', for example from one corner to another, or similar? I mean, it's easier to use them, if they're static, only look as if they were moving, so you can choose exact route yourself.
Any opinions?
Posted: Thu, 26th Feb 2004, 9:24pm

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Unless the movement is required in X,Y and Z axis then this is a good suggestion. saves on download time to take a huuuge file of 100 frames or so when ALAMDV can add movement in at least 2 axis, and generally, just shrinking the plugin can give an impression of the third.
Posted: Thu, 26th Feb 2004, 10:12pm

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if the plug-in involves a 3d model moving on multiple axes, then the animation is kind of required. If you used a still frame in Alam, then as it is animated it would be easy to see that it was a 2d render of a 3d object. In some cases, you are entirely correct: if you have a ship flying straight across your screen, a still frame wil do the job just as well. But generally the reason for animated plug-ins is that as the object moves, the angle of viewing changes as well, and you need the 3d properties of the model for it to look right.