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Posted: Fri, 27th Feb 2004, 10:24am

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My friends and I made this trailer in about 1 day of filming and a week of editing to get it right, for a project for school. Any and all comments would be greatly appreciated!!


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Posted: Fri, 27th Feb 2004, 12:46pm

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Kudos for having a remotely authentic neo outfit.

However minus-kudos for...

- the muzzle flashes, which looked about as powerful as a baby's fart.
- the overly-long, badly-looped, jerky "agent bullet dodging"
- the way that in a fight with 3 people, one person is always just watching lamely.
- whatever the f**k that preposterous sword stuff was where neo attacked basically the same way every time.
- the 'interesting' cutting during the neo vs 2 agents bit
- speeding round in circles at no great speed...ooooh, thrilling!
- completely random changes in colouration and lighting
- no vague attempt to do the "superman thing" using chromanator
- soundtrack just stops abruptly at end.

Most of these things can be improved upon, i'm sure you'll do better in future.
Posted: Fri, 27th Feb 2004, 12:53pm

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Simon K Jones

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As Xcession hinted, with tighter editing this could be vastly improved. There is too much repetition. Once we have seen a second-or-two of the agent-dodge effect, that's all we need to see - cut away once the impact has been made, otherwise the viewer gets restless. The fights could be shortened as well - give the impression of what is happening, pick the cool moments, but don't let the shot linger longer than is necessary.

Tight editing is important in the full film, but perhaps even more vital in a trailer. Once you have shown something, get it off screen and go to the next thing. It's tricky and heart-breaking sometimes, as when you're really pleased with a sequence or a shot, you don't want to cut any of it out. But you need to look at it from the POV of somebody that wasn't involved in the production.

Otherwise, excellent costumes, everyone certainly looked the part. Muzzle flashes at the start needed to be larger.
Posted: Sat, 28th Feb 2004, 1:31pm

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The movie looks ok. I love the Neo costume. That's awesome. Better than my lame attampt that I made for the primere. Heh. I actually wore it to school the days #2 and #3 came out. heh.

But anyway, about the movie. I agree with everyone else and I have something to add. The fight scenes definitely need more cuts. If you're going to have an intense showdown between Neo and two agents, there needs to be like 50 cuts in the first minute. This keeps the audience interested. Of course, there are the trademark "Matrix Shots" in slow motion and stuff, but you know what I mean.

Other than that, pretty good.

Posted: Sun, 29th Feb 2004, 8:04pm

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While watching this I had to double check to make sure it was a trailer. It seamt like one long endless fight with not great effects. Trailers should be precise, consise, to the point. I agree with what everyone said, especially excession's comments.
Posted: Mon, 1st Mar 2004, 6:51pm

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Solid Snake

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what was that? confused
Posted: Mon, 1st Mar 2004, 8:04pm

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Bigga G

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Rating: -1

It was good but the matrix has been overdone
Posted: Mon, 1st Mar 2004, 10:39pm

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High speed car chase...
1 1/2 from me
Posted: Sat, 20th Mar 2004, 6:13pm

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Neo = sucked

girl = hot

agents = ruled!
Posted: Sat, 10th Apr 2004, 8:43pm

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Rating: -1

You guys did a good job in the time that you had. Maybe if you had more time it would have been better, but overall it was fun to watch.
Posted: Mon, 24th May 2004, 2:45pm

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This is so-so. The camerawork was at least not really shaky.

The fighting wasn't really up to scratch, only the guy playing Neo caught my eye because he was the most "active". I agree some of the angles didn't work. The Neo "come hither" shot especially. That only works in a certain shot, more facing the camera.

The car chase started off ok, but then you had a long shot of the cars driving away from the camera, take a u-turn & then head back...what you should have done is walked behind the cars at a bit of a distance as they slowly drove away, & then speeded it up in post to get the feel of a speedy car chase.

I didn't mind the titles, my only criticism is that there was too much action between them, by which time I'd forgotten what the previous one had said, so I didn't get the meaning of the next titles!

The agent dodge was good but overlong as others have mentioned. Maybe an AlamDV bullet would have helped, speeding towards the agent.

My last tip is don't overuse slow motion. Switch between different speeds during the film, especially fights, where you should speed up a lot of the punches & stuff. This makes the fight more gripping & cuts down on clumsiness the audience can notice in the fight.
Posted: Tue, 8th Jun 2004, 9:58pm

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polygraph testing: "oh my god! That was the best movie I've ever seen in my entire life."

Polygraph response: Lie.

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Posted: Sun, 9th Oct 2005, 7:36pm

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Very slow fighting, very practised to. When Neo attacked one agent. the other was just staring his buddy get kicked ass. Din't have much action in it and it went sooooo sloooow.... But the time the title ' IN THE SYSTEM...' came in I forgot what the previous titles were and what it had to do with them. If you acted like 50% faster you would have had a good movie. The car chase looked good, but was also torn down but the nothingness and the slowness of it all.
Posted: Sun, 9th Oct 2005, 9:20pm

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Rating: -1

This movie is over a year old... try to look at the date before posting a comment.
Posted: Wed, 12th Oct 2005, 1:19am

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Rating: -1

Iv'e always liked this movie/trailer. It's preaty neat.
Posted: Wed, 12th Oct 2005, 1:22am

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I remember this one time I rated every post in this topic down and then got in trouble.
Posted: Wed, 12th Oct 2005, 1:34am

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Lithium Kraft

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Hah, what kind of ..."trouble"...?
Posted: Wed, 12th Oct 2005, 1:35am

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Rating: -1


Patriot2011 wrote:

I don't understand how the guy survived... You also did not do good blue screening. It's over all a good show. 3/5

Patriot2011 wrote:

I really, really, really want to see this full movie! biggrin

Patriot2011 wrote:

SWEET FX! biggrin I hope to see more of your work sometime soon!
"sigh...Patriot, don't post on all of these movies. It's just...Well...How do I say this politely...Not very good to do on a forum(n00bish).

Please just do them 1 at a time like one everyday or every other day.

Keep that in mind.

As for this trailer...I'm sorry to say that it SUCKS...You can see that some clips are different tones...The switch between scenes are choppy and uneven. The moves were kinda lame and the only thing I can commend you on is the tuxedo you rented for the costumes.

Posted: Sun, 6th Nov 2005, 3:31pm

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pooky wrote:

This movie is over a year old... try to look at the date before posting a comment.
Better late then never right?