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How do you make shadows?

Posted: Sun, 29th Feb 2004, 7:01pm

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I have put some effects into a video and they look fine but .... now I realize they seem kind of flat since other elements in the video have shadows but the effects do not.

Can I cure this with alamdv or is there something else I need to buy?


Posted: Sun, 29th Feb 2004, 7:05pm

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you can do this with chromanator easy... Or attempt to try to use the alpha shadow basic plugin by axeman, although it wont look great.
Posted: Sun, 29th Feb 2004, 11:50pm

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Shadows are one of the most important elements in making your effects blend into your movie, and are also an area where AlamDV2 is very limited. That is one of the main reasons that AlamDV2 is not very good for adding 3d type effects to your movies. As brettsta said, you can add some basic shadow shapes using available plug-ins, but results will rarely be better than mediocre. Alpha Shadow Plugin

Chromanator can do pretty good at this, and AlamDV3 will be much improved in this regard too, I think.
Posted: Mon, 1st Mar 2004, 4:07pm

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Thank you both.

The alpha shadow will work nicely for what I am doing at the moment I think.

This is absolutely amazing stuff.