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Battlefield the movie (full)

Posted: Fri, 5th Mar 2004, 12:07pm

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this is the full battlefield movie. its in swedish but its with english subtitles so its easier for some of you to understand the movie. we made this movie beacuse we had nothing to do on the brake in january razz enjoy! and vote please!
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Posted: Fri, 5th Mar 2004, 2:14pm

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hehe weee now im happy biggrinbiggrinbiggrin
Posted: Fri, 5th Mar 2004, 2:43pm

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On the whole, there was an awful lot of not-a-lot hapenning, wasn't there!

You did have a plot, albeit poorly stuck to and randomly intersected at tangents, but a plot is better than many movies on here none the less.

You missed several critical opportunities to bring the audience into the fight more, firstly by using closer camera shots - i mean, much closer like just one guy's face or something in the entire shot - and you missed the opportunity to give it a half-decent amount of tension or danger.

The 'randomly-grenading-your-own-side' scene (after which the victim seems fine, strangely) had a pretty cool explosion, the sht*tness of which was conveniently disguised by the less than great compression of the movie. But having done a cool explosion, you then totally missed the opportunity to have gunfire and tracer rounds zipping all over the place, as the troops started to fire across the fields. Similarly when they did that shootinglater on (the bit used for the trailer).

Later on i also noticed that your actors went "URGH" and dived in a i-got-blown-up stylee too early, and the explosion went off as they were in mid-air. Rather odd, that!

Generally, i got a very 'Troops' feel to the film. It was done with a rather matter-of-fact cursory glance towards the actual people. The camera swung around violently and mixed with the shakey-cam and what seemed like rather a lot of idle banter (delivered with so little panache, it actually had negative panache), it came across as a documentary rather than a film; complete with "nice weather we're having" style dialogue.

What was with the sound levels? I could hardly hear anything for most of the drawn out, highly boring talking/walking bits, then was suddenly f*cking deafenned by the (very jerky) stock footage of a spitfire!

I wish i had watched it all, but the apathy towards good acting seemed to rub off on me, and i became generally disinterested from about 2/3 of the way through. I skipped the final 3rd, hoping to find something cool, but failing.
Posted: Sat, 6th Mar 2004, 9:58am

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I already watched the trailer! And as i said from the snipit the movie lacks a thousand facts. First of all don't spend your holidays playing with arms and camcorders. Then if you plan to dio something try to do it right. I think that the story was good but the telling is horrible. We keep watching soldiers being blown up anf shot at and then after a few seconds they resurrect.
Then the camerawok needs more attention. Actors and uniforms must be convincing. The audio of dialoge is faint although in Swedish. Lots of repeated mistakes and how about tha actors consulting the cameraman.

Please give us good movies.
Posted: Sat, 6th Mar 2004, 12:34pm

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But thumbs down on the action. Give it some thought next time, but maintain your creative spirit!
Posted: Sat, 6th Mar 2004, 2:56pm

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congrats on getting the top spot! biggrin I liked, for a first movie it was pretty good. The opening credits were GREAT (it had the feel of a Ron Maxwell movie) next time try to make the opening credits flow more with the feel of the actual movie. The credits gave the feel of a dramatic war movie, while the movie itself had the feel of just another action movie. Just as a helpfull tip, in the future switch to another angle after you cut, otherwise its all jumpy or in this case you see the same thing twice.
Its nice to see a begginer movie being judged as such and I hope that more movies (like this one) that are not just a lot of special effects will take the top biggrin
Posted: Sat, 6th Mar 2004, 6:31pm

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This film could of been alot better. The Camera was very very shakey, and the guns looked a little...fake. Not that thats a bad thing, but can be improved. I could not follow this movie one bit, made no sense to me. Could of used alot more work.
Posted: Sat, 6th Mar 2004, 8:09pm

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Well....not bad for a begineer. Just needs a little more work.

Good though! Just keep it up. You'll get better and better.

Someone wrote:

The camera swung around violently
Yes, I agree, just have the camera on a nice, steady tripod. That would help.

Want to see more (to watch you progress),

neutral Nathan
Posted: Sat, 6th Mar 2004, 9:45pm

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There was nothing that made me stay and even watch the movie with intreset.. this felt more like, lets take the camera for a walk with our WW2 coustumes, and while we're at it, lets jump around alittle...

Luckely you had subtitles, couse I couldn't hear much what you were saying...And the swedish script and acting could have used a bit of work...

Well, it did kinda had a plot... it was pretty long and you are new here, But next time, try more angles, use an extern microphone, get closer to the action and let us see the enimes!
Posted: Sun, 7th Mar 2004, 12:26am

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thanks for your help guys smile
Posted: Sun, 7th Mar 2004, 12:42am

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sheck out the Civil War Trilogy from Ron Maxwell, it has a very similar feel and I think it will help you with the quality of the film. Ill give you a link to a site with more info on the movies.
Posted: Sun, 7th Mar 2004, 12:48am

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ok here is Ron Maxwell's official site. Even though it is called the Civil War Trilogy, the third has not been made yet. So once your in his site just click on "Gods and Generals" or "Gettysburg" then go find them somewhere in you hometown and watch 'em biggrin (Gettysburg has been called a classic by a ton of people and has a large fan base)
Posted: Sun, 7th Mar 2004, 3:23pm

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Solid Snake

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i gave that 3
the 3 stars going to costumes and SOUND EFFECTS, they sound effects were great,
but it was a little hard ot make out what was happening, even reading subtitles

keep up the good work guys biggrin
Posted: Sun, 7th Mar 2004, 5:57pm

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Well I'm glad to see a war film on here in black and white. That gets a point from me for style. But this movie didnt have much else to it. I thought it was nice how you put some stock footage in there just like Steven Spielberg did with his WWII plane movie he did when he was in his youth.

1. Effective cuts and camera work. If you are going to have people walking around alot, don't move the camera with them. It will only end up looking shakey and stupid unless you have a steadycam. Experiment using cuts effectivly. Also if you are going to do the whole "Throw dirt on the guy and make it look like there was an explosion nearby" trick you have to give the camera a sudden voilent jolt first.

2. Better use of your sound. Use a windscreen or do ADR (Additional Dialogue Recording) in post production and just cut all the on set audio. I am sure you guys just used one two minute long clip of a battle to do the sound for this. Make sure you do individual shots for each muzzle flash so that they match up perfectly.

3. Effects. I am hearing these huge epic battles with bullets whizzing by but all I am seeing are two guys tumbling around in a feild. To make your sound more effective, add some tracers and ground hits. You can do tracers by using an alamdv lightbulb and squashing it and animate it like a laser. Use alamdv sand bullet hits around your guys to make it look like the bullets are hitting the ground nearby.

4. You used music from modern war movies like Saving Private Ryan, and We Were Soldiers. Try to look into older movies and movies in a totally different category. I used music from A Spy Game in the Trojan War for example.

Well I guess that's all the advice I can give other than have a more defined plot. I'm sure you guys had alot of fun splashing around in the mud making this. I give you a 2 and keep your creative juices flowing!